Web Design - Not So Much Change in 2017

Website is that important factor of any online (even offline too) business without which the concept of success is almost impossible. The reason is the quantity of internet users which is rapidly increasing in the world. So in this technical industry, many changes are kept coming from time to time according to the discoveries of new and technical features. Creative designers always change the trends of web design by applying different innovations and experiments. The major changing contains wild colors, different layouts, animated pictures in the background of the websites as well as video running in the background. Crafted Logo, a professional logo design company enlighten the different ways of web design.

When you open a random company website, the main features which you find are:

  • Navigation bar
  • Slider
  • An attractive heading (mostly H1)
  • Subtitle
  • Buttons to scroll the page
  • Atleast 3 icons that contain short descriptions.

Now, if we see the websites in 2017 then these basic factors are same. Although, web design trends have been changed a lot but the basic features you will still find while opening any website. Rather than a little variation in colors and icons, web design has not so much changed in this year.

A decade ago, websites are completely created from the scratch. Only HTML was used to create them. But when the CMS introduced, they opened a new variety in web design industry. A well-known CMS Wordpress provided a new innovation to the websites and captured a huge market. Other CMS were also introduced like Drupal, Joomla, Magento which are widely used in the world. Now, only a few companies create websites on HTML. Majority of websites have been transformed into these popular CMSs.

Web design has become so stagnant because the designers made it easy. They wanted to make their jobs easier so they created different frameworks. These frameworks allow every designer to stand a website with least efforts. The main example of this factor is Bootstrap. After introducing a few years before, Bootstrap has now captures the 20% websites of the world. 20% is not a less amount; it means almost 11 million websites.

With the help of Bootstrap, a web designer can build website faster because it contains the basic required elements. For example the grid layout system, easy-to-use components, and easy-to-navigate code which grant designers to quickly pack up the project. This flexibility is not only for the designers but also for marketers because it is highly optimized and provides a great user-experience.

So, with a little bit change, designers use the same design over and over again. You know it doesn’t make you a great designer. It basically makes you a zombie because your thinking is to make your job easier. But the reality is you are limiting yourself.

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