What Content Costs to Mobile App Marketers

Content is never cheaper as we assume. Apart from content writing and promoting costs, there are several hidden costs involved in the entire content development and marketing campaign.


Content is always king, be it textual, visual (image/video/animation), or audible. Content also is ruling on print media, the web, mobiles, and other myriads of media.

Now the question is,

Why Does Content Rule on All Media?

Of course, it has certain reasons, such as

  • People are always scrappy to find the answers to query– Content provides it.
  • People are curious about information regarding anything – Content is the only way to do it efficiently.
  • People want to understand the processes – Content provides insights.
  • People want to establish relationships between the livings or non-living things – Content illustrate it.
  • People need guidance – Content makes it possible
  • People love entertainment – Content has capacities to do it.
  • People wish to express feelings – Content has ways to do it.
  • People want to take actions – Content is powerful to inspire

Thus, content has a role in every sphere of our life. Today, we consume digital content the most, and we have mobile devices to provide unfathomable opportunities to consume it even while on the go.

Now the question is why we need content marketing for mobile applications?

Why Mobile Marketers Need Content?

In early days of the mobile era, simply uploading the mobile app on the respective mobile marketplaces was enough to sell or download it. Unfortunately, competition in app marketplaces are stiff and everyone love to rank top or get maximum visibility for their app.

It is only possible with mobile app marketing strategies, content marketing strategies, and marketing management. Therefore, mobile app marketers should have a content strategy to achieve desired success.

Now, the question is what is the content strategy after all?

Content Marketing Strategy

The content strategy includes the planning, design, development, editing, delivery, and management of the content. Before doing anything on development and execution of content strategy, we must know the different types of content needed for mobile app development, such as-

  • For App – The informative app and UI of the app need textual, visual, and audible content in the era of speech recognition tools like Siri and Cortana.
  • For App Landing Page – The app marketing requires a single page or multiple page mini-website devoted to creating online buzz for the upcoming mobile applications. It requires content being a web page with a marketing pitch.
  • For Off-page Marketing – Online off-page marketing content like articles, blogs, press releases, and SEO Metadata.
  • For Social Media Optimization – Social media requires uninterrupted content marketing efforts for various social media posts, comments, ratings, and reviews, as well as Social Book Marking.

These facts reveal that mobile marketers also are in dire need of various types of content described above.

 What a Content Cost to Mobile App Marketers?

However, content never comes free, or anyone can develop it and use it. It is a general perception that content marketing requires investment on content writing or designing (In the case of multimedia content) and content promotions.

Unfortunately, it is a half-truth. Let’s see some hidden cost of content for the mobile marketers.

Charges of Content Developer

Anyone cannot write the marketing content. It is a skill acquired by professional content writers only. For mobile app marketing, the content writer must have the familiarity with software and particularly mobile app development niche with technical writing flairs.

Therefore, the cost of the professional content writer is the highest one among the all costing factors described here. If you have a larger company with a number of marketing projects, in-house hiring is profitable against any freelance content writer hiring.

Apart from content writer, the content creation process also has a place in the cost estimation as invisible costs. For instance,

Cost on Prior Research for Content

Content creation process demands prior research to decide, which content should create. It demands the involvement of an experienced team of content marketers and content writer. Those research are-

Competitor Analysis: Mobile app marketers must know what their competitors are doing and how they are achieving success. What topics do competitors use? Which format do they work for them?

Luckily, we have SEMrush like excellent tools available with a $100+/Month subscription to help you run accurate competition analysis. Other high-end tools in this regard are Moz Open Site Explorer and Ahrefs with $99+/Month subscription rate.

Topic Research: It includes keyword research at SEO point of view, considering social signals, relevancy of the topic, references to back the content if needed, and to decide the content layout or format to make it effective for human readers as well as search engines indexing it.

Content Core Research: Some content demands prior research to define core component of the content. It is possible through polls, surveys, interviews, seminars, webinars, and through some experiments.

However, the research hardly demands any tool that adds to the final cost of content marketing, but it requires intense attention and human resources with time devotion. If you have salaried staff, add it to the content development cost too.

Project Management Cost for Content Creation

In most of the cases, content development and marketing team involves more than one person. Therefore, project management becomes an essentiality to achieve timeline as well as collaboration to foster the creativity.

For the small team, Google calendar and Google Drive are enough supporting tools, but on large scale and consistent content development, the modern project management software, as well as cloud-based storage services/tools, are worth to invest. Dropbox and Microsoft One Drive are proven tools according to content marketers. For content management you can mobile app marketing team can invest in CoSchedule and DivvyHQ like services/tools.

Cost of Content Development Tools

The latest word processors like Microsoft Word and various open source tools including Apache OpenOffice Writer and LibreOffice Writer are popular and highly used tools for content writing and editing for textual content.

Apart from the content editors, some content optimization tools have a place in the content development as well as promotion processes. For example,

  • Feedly like Content Discovery tools provide required inspiration and content curating services.
  • Trello and Evernote like Content Ideation tools help content development and marketing teams to organize content research and ideas.
  • Grammarly and Hemingway are proficient tools to aid content writer and editors for Editing Language Aspects of the content.
  • Buffer and HootSuite are tools to use to schedule the content across various social channels as Content Promotional tools.

 Cost of Content Designing

Today one-third of total content uploads are in the form of visuals, such as images and photos on Pinterest like still image supporting social channels, Infographics also falls in the same category.

It requires image editing tools like Photoshop or equivalent software to install and hire expert designers.

YouTube-like video content marketing channels are getting momentum to make your marketing message viral. Therefore, video editing tools, video composing, and uploading tools are mandatory for mobile app marketers since mobile users love video the most thanks to the advent of technologies.

Adobe Creative Suite is a worth Investment for content designers and animation developers.

 Cost of Content Publication

As discussed before, content marketers require dedicated and trained staff to upload the content on respective marketplaces, directories, and websites to spread the marketing messages among the masses. It adds to the cost of content significantly.

The app marketplace optimization is another activity to create optimized content for app marketplaces like Apple App Store and Google Play Store by following their content guidelines for writing headings and descriptions as well as visual content.

 Cost of Content Promotion

Just like on-page content marketing, off-page content marketing requires investment and endeavors on SEO and SMO campaigns as well as on SBM, directory submission, profile creation, and much more. It is a huge cost for the long run, and mobile app marketing team has to bear it anyhow!

Cost on Content Auditing

It is true that investment in content development and promotion is high, but if you neglect the tracking the results of your content marketing, you are missing a big on the content strategy and execution front.

Google Analytics is a free and powerful tool to check and trace your content marketing efforts, but inadequate in several respects. Therefore, investment on Crazy Egg and Hotjar can bring a real picture of your content marketing campaign.


Apart from common myths regarding the cost of content marketing for mobile app marketers, we have evaluated the hidden or invisible cost of content today. If you are a mobile app marketer or app owner looking for mobile app marketing as well as mobile app development services, SysBunny has opened its door to welcome all.

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