What Are The Most Important Considerations for SME's When Choosing Office Space?

Starting a new company means considering a lot of different factors. While you are wading through the legal logistics, branding details, and shaping the core of your business, deciding where your offices should be located might be the last thing on your mind. However, it is best to begin considering your space far in advance so you can choose the absolute best place to foster and grow your business.

Find a Space You Love

If your company is headquartered somewhere you dislike, it will be hard for you to fully embrace the challenges building a new company creates. Doing some research can help you find an office space that you actually like and hopefully falls within your price range. Newer companies may want to consider renting space within a bigger shared space. There are plenty of startup hubs that will rent short and long term business space to anyone from individuals to large companies. While these spaces are shared, they may provide benefits that you cannot offer your employees so early in the history of your company. Many have popular networking events, food and drink perks (like unlimited coffee), and the opportunity to work in a state of the art space with fast internet and comfortable furniture. Even if your goal is to have your own space initially, you should look into local startup hubs to see if their flexible options might be a good fit for your company until you find a more permanent office that you like and that will accommodate your company now and into the future.

Consider Your Future

It can be daunting to make solid projections on company growth when you are just starting out. Still, it is certainly something you need to think about. Otherwise, you will find yourself in trouble as your company gets established. If you rent a space that is too large for your company’s more modest growth, you will be wasting money. This situation can also cause tension with employees who become concerned when they are surrounded by a sea of empty seats. On the other hand, if you rent a space that is too small for your company and you run out of space too quickly, you can have similarly negative feelings among your staff. Asking them to share cramped desk space or to work from home more often can be seen as poor management. Some companies solve this all too common problem by constantly reorganizing the office to try and maximize space, or even by moving offices every year or so to accommodate new growth. While these solutions do solve the space issue, they can cause huge disruptions to your workday. Moving offices can also create the need for everything from new business cards to be printed to needing to pay workers additional compensation for longer commutes. Considering your company’s expected growth carefully and realistically can help ensure you do not run into these common pitfalls.

Build Your Identity

Startups and small businesses need to take unique avenues to distinguish themselves from big companies and industry leaders. One great way to do this is with a standout office space. That does not mean that you need to include gimmicks to seem cool to outsiders. Instead, think about what your business represents and who you want to work there. The office that you choose should be a strong physical representation of your company. If people feel uncomfortable or stifled in the space, they likely will not do their best work. Create a space that mirrors the heart of your business, and it will translate throughout the rest of your business.

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Comment by Tracey Clayton on June 13, 2018 at 1:23am

This is some great advice, but it would also consider moving convenience if at all possible If you can pack up, find a good truck rental, and have your office relocated within the same city that is a lot bigger advantage nen moving cross country. 


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