What Corporate Wellness Programs Do

Companies are increasingly under pressure when implementing a Corporate Wellness program that allows their employees to enjoy a better quality of life. Below, we uncover the hazards involved in a stressful work environment and the main reasons why wellness program is the perfect solution for companies to improve the health of their employees.

What are the main symptoms of a stressful corporate environment?

A stressful corporate environment can entail professional risks that hinder productivity and staff retention. Without an active program to combat stress, employees are at risk of experiencing the following symptoms:

  1. Decreased productivity
  2. Increase in absence
  3. Replacement of personnel
  4. Bad family / work-life balance
  5. Business syndromes
  6. Dissatisfied customers

How can business leaders create a healthier work environment?

Combating the problems associated with a stressful workplace is not a simple task. A strategic corporate wellness program must be developed that focuses on well-being and productivity. Below, you will find four simple steps to avoid the symptoms explained above:

  • Create a healthy work culture: Health and wellbeing should be outlined as high priorities in the company through the implementation of corporate welfare programs that strengthen the health of employees, have cafeterias and vending machines with nutritious foods or perform periodic medical examinations between other things.


  • Encourage a flexible work environment: This helps workers reconcile their family and work life with greater success, which is crucial as research shows that workers are more likely to be motivated and exceed expectations in those companies that are they worry about their personal life. Also, flexibility helps reduce stress and increase staff commitment. Some examples of flexible work environments are teleworking, working from home and shared work.
  • Incorporate wellness programs: Designed to identify and eliminate the symptoms of a stressful work environment.


  • Encourage employees to participate in wellness activities: You can encourage staff to participate in these programs by offering rewards for achieving physical goals or showing improvements in their health or weight.


Be A Part Of The Best Corporate Wellness Programs

Admittedly the notion of Corporate Wellness program sounds to you, a concept in vogue that more and more companies put into practice in the form of comprehensive initiatives that include sports, food, leisure or free services and benefits for their employees. According to an independent wellness consultant, this is "an active process of raising awareness and learning to make healthy decisions." More and more companies are integrating wellness programs in their midst, ensuring that their employees have their mental, physical and social needs covered through different benefits, infrastructures, and bonuses.


Review Of The Most Successful Wellness Programs Of Illustrious Organizations

A hale and hearty employee is a productive professional with his abilities on the rise and willing to give the best of himself. Corporate wellness programs, therefore, are as comprehensive as the company wishes. They can include specialized training, online training, bonuses to attend services such as massages, physiotherapy or spa, free yoga or pilates classes, gym, medical insurance, psychological assistance, smoking cessation programs, business trips or flexible hours to promote conciliation.



This tech giant is a leader in the field of corporate wellness programs, providing education and resources to stop smoking or controlling weight, promotion of physical training, financing to attend the gym, free Zumba classes, spaces for sports in the own offices, which include a running track, and basketball, volleyball, and baseball fields. Health assessment events are also organized with free personal and family counseling, stress management and care for children and the elderly. The menu features healthy eating options, including a new "Real Easy Wellness" labeling system to help employees easily identify healthy food options.



Creativity and innovation are the pillars behind the wellness programs of the Mountain View Company. Here you can find from pin tables to LEGO stations, laundry service, community bicycles, free massages or swimming pool. There are classes of mindfulness -produced by the engineer Chade-Meng Tan-, yoga, kickboxing, public speaking, daycare and extensive education options that are renewed through the Googlers-to-Googlers program, where some employees train others in such varied themes how to cook, web programming, or guitar. The campus cafes and microwaves are filled with nutritious, color-coded meals and snacks, and provide smaller dishes to help control portions.


The multinational design, manufacture, and sale of footwear, apparel, accessories, services, and sports equipment have, of course, an impressive gym available to its employees at its world headquarters located in Oregon. The 'Bo Jackson Center' stands out for having weight rooms, yoga studios, indoor basketball court, Olympic sized pool and a rock wall for climbing.


The popular streaming platform offers significant advantages to its employees, far beyond the care of their physical health. Its staff has access to up to one year of paid time off- and unlimited vacations. It is the door to the so-called economy of participation, protected by collaborative and decentralized work, where the value of an employee is not measured by the number of hours spent sitting in the office.


This Company is a peer money transfer service. Among the most significant benefits of its corporate wellness program, this includes a sauna inside the offices that your employees can use free of charge whenever you want, benefiting from its advantages such as improving blood circulation, strengthening the immune system, better sleep quality, and stress reduction, ideal for people suffering from anxiety or depression.


The leading platform for renting tourist flats appears regularly on the lists of "the best places to work." The offices are designed jointly with the employees, who indicate what their needs are, how they want to work or what is the ideal design of the meeting rooms. There is also an extended rest vacation offered at the end of the year, there is no meeting on Wednesdays. There is a fight against stress and casualties due to burned worker syndrome, and yoga or meditation is offered free of charge.


The popular app is a famous provider of corporate wellness programs. Your employees can enjoy weekly training on Monday nights. A monthly content newsletter to make healthy decisions, and podcasts called Tune in Tuesday and posters throughout the office to promote wellness, ranging from healthy recipes to sleep management and importance of mindfulness. Also, feedback through surveys is essential to distinguish the needs of the staff.

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