What do entrepreneurs love about being an entrepreneur


           Entrepreneurship—what’s not to love? It’s your own will, your own design and your own rules. Many people are handing in their resignations in order to start their own business. It will take hard work in order to succeed. But the fruits of one’s labor will be great. Here are some things entrepreneurs love about entrepreneurship.

1.   Control

          There will be no boss to push you around—you are the boss. You make your own rules, you choose your employees and place of business. But make no mistake about it, while you will make your own rules, these have to be wise rules. For instance, you need to know how to choose the right business structure for your business to become a success.

If you want to succeed in starting a business, you can’t just do what you want. It has to be with a sense of purpose.

2.   Family

           Starting your own business is like starting a family. It has to be created with love. And since love is in the middle of the business, which is essentially your child, the employees of the business become family members. And as such, each one will help the other raise a good and successful child.

3.   No uniform?

           There’s a question mark there because it is up to you if you want employees to wear a uniform or not. But the point is, it is not necessary. It is up to you whether you want to have uniforms or dress codes.

4.   You will never be bored

           As the head of a business, you are bound to have many tasks at hand. This could involve mental and menial ones, small and large ones. You are not going to lack any activity for the daily operations of the business and for the preparations of the future of the business.

5.   Time for yourself

           There may be a lot of things to do when you are trying to start your business. But with technology and the internet, you have the freedom to work away from the office. And since it is your business, you can travel the world while daily operations of your business continue. Just make sure you leave someone behind that you can trust.

6.   No age requirement

           Mikaila Ulmer is only 11 years old but she’s already a successful businesswoman—businessgirl? She owns Me and the Bees Lemonade, a flaxseed- and mint-infused lemonade sweetened with honey from local (Texas) bees. A percentage of the proceeds will help organizations that look after the plight of bees. See? An 11-year-old girl can start her own business if she wants to. But she could never get a job in a company because she’s underage.

7.   You will never be undervalued

           How many times have we heard employees complain that their bosses do not appreciate what they are doing for the company? If you were a former employee, you know how that feels. But none of that will happen to entrepreneurs. Just make sure you also never undervalue your employees.

8.   Satisfying as hell

           Since it’s your brainchild, your sweat and sometimes tears, there might even be blood involved—running a business will be satisfying. As mentioned, the business is your baby. So when your baby is doing great, you’ll feel mighty proud of it.


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