What Does It Take to be an Android App Developer?

Next to iOS, Android is the most common mobile operating system around the globe. With over millions of Android users, this operating system will get better and better as time passes by. One factor why people enjoys it because it’s user-friendly. You can play games, watch movies, surf the net, with just a click of your finger.

GooglePlay host over 2 million Android apps and continues to increase on a regular basis. The development of Android apps grows because the audience keeps on demanding for the better version of it. With this, Android application developer must bring something new to the plate and avoid committing mistakes. 

Android app developments create massive competition among developers on who’s going to get in the market first. In order to stay ahead, hire android app programmer that is creative and fast without creating mistakes. Here’s a list of the common mistakes that programmers should avoid doing.

Mistakes should be Avoid for Android App programmer 

1. Duplicate iOS Code

We all know that iOS is on the top of this game. And for some Android app developers, copying is their first choice. They think that iOS is so amazing that creating something just like it will fool the audience. But that’s not how it works. People are so wise now, that every detail can be literally obvious. Instead, developers should refer to the design principle of Android and improves it. Minimal changes here and there can be much appreciated rather than copying someone’s idea. 

2. Developing for a Specific Android Device

This problem is very annoying, all Android phone has the same operating system so why some developers create an application meant for a specific device? It should be open to all device. For example the games, some screens are big and some are small, the Android app developers should make it work across all sizes. So that any Android users can feel that they matter too even if their device is not as updated as the others.

3. Re-inventing 

Another common mistake by Android app developers is they feel the need to reinvent their apps every time. You can enhance the application by incorporating other tools to make thing easier. There are other tools like Picasso for image loading, Stetho to inspect network traffic, Gradle Please to find a library with its last version number, and so many others. 

4. The Main Thread Blocking 

When you block the main thread, you are creating a bad experience for users. The main thread is what makes the interface open. By blocking it, user’s action will have a delay feedback until the app stops responding. Loading application makes us angry and frustrated and when that happens they tend to switch to other OS, now we don’t want that to happen. So in order to prevent this from happening, Android app developers must use the UI and worker threads for Network Call, Image Processing, SD Reading and Writing, Bitmap Loading, and Database Querying. 

5. Fail to Claim Success

It does not only apply to Android app developers, it a lesson for everyone to believe in yourself. When you are working on something, you have to have a positive mind and voice that says you’re going to make it. Claim your success yet create a backup plan when things get bumpy. For developers, you have to think like users, what do you expect to have? What should needs improvements? What’s new you can offer? Think ahead to give you an advantage over other competitors.


So, you have a killer app idea and you want to turn it into reality? That’s easy, you can just hire android app developer. These people have the skills and knowledge in making an Android application that will trend in the future. They are professionals who know the ins and outs of programming operating system. It takes them years of learning and practices.

Becoming successful in a mobile application, you can just look for Android app developers for hire. People who are intelligent, hardworking, and passionate about their craft. They have to be positive through every part of the design and have the confidence until the end. So when mistakes and failures occur, they can still manage to get up and improve instead of getting swamp by their defeat.

It doesn’t matter if you fall down, what’s important is you get up and fight. Stay strong and plan for success!

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