In the 21st century, marketing is all about networking, establishing the right connections, etc. And, most of these connections are established online, especially through social media channels. Marketers have found LinkedIn to be the best platform for connecting with B2B buyers. The reason is that key decision makers of businesses are active on this platform. As all sales reps make a beeline for networking with buyers on LinkedIn, it is vital that you understand where you stand as a sales professional in the reckoning. For this, LinkedIn has proposed LinkedIn SSI score or LinkedIn Social Selling Index Score!

What is LinkedIn SSI score?

LinkedIn SSI score helps a marketer determine how effective he or she is as a marketer.

The SSI of a sales rep is measured by estimating the following factors:

  • Professional Branding

Your professional brand depends on your LinkedIn profile. The profile should include a profile picture, a headline, a summary, and the number of years of experience. Professional branding can be done by posting relevant content and interacting with the content posted by members in your network. You can establish your brand through endorsements from your connections.

While creating your profile, keep your audience in mind. This includes your employers, colleagues, clients, etc. Step into the shoes of your audience and create a profile that you think that your audience would like to engage with.

A strong professional branding is important because 81% of buyers are more likely to engage with sales professionals with strong branding. (Source: LinkedIn Sales Solutions)

  • Find the Right People

You can build strong relationships and join groups with like-minded people or engage with users who have viewed your profile to build a strong and relevant network.

You can leverage LinkedIn’s search tools to search for the right people. You can expand your network by leveraging warm introductions. Another way to find the relevant connections is to check the people who have viewed your profile and establish connections with them.

Sales reps who viewed profiles of at least 10 people at each of their accounts were 69% more likely to exceed quota. (Source: LinkedIn Sales Solutions)

However, while looking for connections to build your network, you need to focus on quality instead of quantity. Don’t just add anyone in your network. Find out if you would like to interact with the people you are thinking of adding in your connections.

  • Engaging with Insights

Engaging with insights implies sharing relevant content with your connections. Content that can establish you as an authority in your field. You can post content that is educative/ informative, etc. This will help you network with the appropriate clients because 64% of B2B buyers appreciate it if they hear from connections who are an authority in the subject. (Source: LinkedIn Sales Solutions)

  • Build Relationships

Most B2B buyers prefer to interact with sales professionals who are known to them or are referred to them by a known contact. Therefore, sales reps should look to build strong networks and strengthen the connections they already have. Scores can be enhanced by engaging with decision makers and nurturing relationships over time. Building relationships is important because 87% of B2B buyers have a favorable impression of a sales rep who was introduced to them by someone in their network. (Source: LinkedIn Sales Solutions)

A sales rep is given a score for each of these factors. The SSI score is the sum total of the individual scores of each of these factors. The maximum score for each factor is 25 and the total SSI score is estimated out of 100.

Final Words

The SSI score of the sales rep is calculated on a daily basis by LinkedIn giving the sales rep an insight into his strengths and weaknesses as a sales professional. This assessment can help him improve his score and become more effective at social selling.

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