To be great doesn’t happen alone.  Sometimes it’s a great spouse, sometimes it’s a great business partner, but all too often these days it is thanks to an exceptional VA.  What’s a VA you may be asking.  A virtual assistant can help you go from surviving and striving to arriving and excelling. The tasks that  a VA can help you with are vast and finding the right one can feel like a dating game.  The beautiful thing is that once you find someone who shares your vision, it can be the fuel that keeps your fire going.

As an entrepreneur we all have a dream:  a vision of what our life would be like sharing our talents with the world.  We would be financially comfortable, have extra time with the family, and be referred to as a self-made man/woman to boot.   Running your own business can be a slippery slope however.  All those late nights spent dreaming about “making it” didn’t include marketing, a social media presence, replying to hundreds of emails  on a daily basis, scheduling clients, managing account payable and receivable. 

Any great entrepreneur will tell you it’s about the team they assemble that allows them to create the empire they dream of.  And just like anything in business, you don’t have to jump in and hire half a dozen people by tomorrow.  Start with a virtual assistant, someone you feel in sync with. 

They might not do everything exactly the way you would, but having a common vision will grant you the time to focus on the parts of your business that really matter to you.  Don’t worry they will evolve, just as your business does.  A good VA will learn what you like and don’t like, they will become your best ally and your best secret weapon that allows you to take your business to the next level.

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