What Makes Laravel the Most Desirable Framework Amongst Developers?

If you speak with the website developers of today, there will be one framework that they rave about a lot. And that is – Laravel. This is because, it renders a lot to the Laravel development services providers. Its advanced query syntax has the potential to make the website development process fast and flawless. Be it caching, queuing, routing, or authentication, Laravel does it all!

In this blog, we will share some information about the history and evolution of Laravel framework and its features. So, here we go:

History and Evolution of Laravel Framework

Taylor Otwell, the creator of Laravel launched it in June 2011 and provided a better alternative for CodeIgniter framework. After launching the first version, in the year 2011, they also launched its Beta version. It comes with an in-built support for sessions, localization, views, routing and more. It was difficult to name it as a real MVC framework as it did not offer support for the controllers.

In February 2015, after the release of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th version, the makers launched the 5th version of it. The latest version, however, is Laravel 5.6. And it released on 7th February 2018. This is all about the history and evolution of the framework. Now, that you have known about Laravel framework and its evolution, let us look at some of its common features:

The Artisan Advantage

Its built-in tool for command line - Artisan helps the developers of any Laravel Application development company to take care of exhaustive programming routines easily. It is possible to use these tools for making the database structure or create a migration system using which one can manage the database easily. Also, one can interlace it in order to generate basic MVC files using command line. Artisan enables developers to create commands and work at the best of their abilities.

Versatile Template Engine

Developers love and admire Laravel’s lightweight templates. Their structure is such that it enables the developers to create simple layouts having unique sections. This is possible due to the dynamic content seeding. It also comes with multiple widgets having CSS and JS codes with robust structure.

Object Oriented Modules

Laravel has pre-installed and object-oriented libraries. These libraries are not available in other PHP frameworks. The authentication library of Laravel has all the latest features including password reset, CSRF, active users check, Bcrypt hashing etc. This framework’s individual modules use modern PHP principles that help Laravel service provider to build modular and responsive applications.

Object Relational Mapping

Laravel comes with a fluent ORM having a simple PHP Active record implementation. Using it, developers can issue database queries with PHP syntax. So, they do not have to write long SQL codes. Every table in the database comes with a respective model which helps the developer to interact with the table.

Migration System for Databases

Want to expand the structure of database in your web app? You can do it without recreating if something is changed. Due to this feature, there is little or no risk of losing data. Laravel’s migration system offers the provision to change the database structure and one can do it by using PHP. Isn’t that amazing? Laravel Schema Builder also enables one to create database tables with ease.


Every web application thrives on a secure base. As Laravel comes with hashed and salted passwords, it offers the much-needed security. Also, it means that you can never save the password as plain text. Laravel uses the ‘Bcrypt hashing algorithm’ that generates the password’s encrypted version. As it is a PHP based framework, it also keeps protected from injection attacks


Now that you know all the features, you must have known why Laravel is becoming so popular as a website framework. In case you want to develop your website on this platform, it would be a good idea to get in touch with an expert Laravel Application Development company.

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