What Makes Survey Automation the Best Feature of Survey Tools?

We live in the world of millenials. To get feedbacks from the modern customers, the business owners have bid goodbye to the paper and pen surveys. They have embraced online survey tools which enable them to enhance their business model and offer better customer experience. Unfortunately, not all survey plugins work flawlessly. Most ask for some sort of micro-management and supervision from the business owners.

It is quite unfortunate that very few people mull over the time spent over creating and sending surveys. But just so that you know, it is a very important aspect if you want your customers to reply promptly. If you have a Sugar/SuiteCRM, you can make use of an intuitive Sugar/SuiteCRM survey plugin that helps you to automate survey processes. Let us check out how a SuiteCRM survey plugin can help with Survey Automation.
Survey Automation Process:

Survey Automation is a feature available in SugarCrm Survey Plugin using which the admin can set up a workflow. He can make use of specific conditions and actions that trigger the survey. One can also decide whom to send the surveys.

Here’s how Survey Automation helps:

Define Survey Conditions

There are times when you want to keep certain questions of the questionnaire limited to certain audiences. Survey Automation feature enables you to show or hide the questions of your choice in the survey. You just need to go to that page, define the conditions and get going.

Design the flow

You cannot build the survey in a haphazard manner. It is very important to maintain its flow and make it systematized. The modern day SuiteCRM Survey Plugin enables the admin to decide timings for executing certain actions. One can also select a specific module for the workflow and decide the kind of records based on which one wants to trigger the automation. Here’s how you can go about it.

1. Define the workflow of survey automation
2. Save the defined Survey Automation Workflow
3. Define conditions for triggering the automation
4. Decide on the parameters to set the conditions
5. Fix actions for sending surveys to specific respondents
6. Select respondents related to the associated module
7. Choose the field associated with the selected recipient type
8. Decide the survey you want to send

Role Based Survey Creation

There are several steps involved in survey creation. And if you are a huge organization, you might have assigned different aspects of survey creation to different professionals. Using a SuiteCRM Survey Plugin, you can not only allocate responsibilities to specific individuals but also maintain the entire workflow of your survey before you send it to the participants.
Survey Rocket is AppJetty’s Sugar and SuiteCRM plugin. It helps business owners to create and send surveys from within their CRM and get results in real time. To know more about the plugin, write to us on sales@appjetty.com.

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