What You Need To Know About Uber Like Apps?

The demand is increasing every day to have an app like Uber. It is looked as a great startup option. It is becoming an ideal choice for entrepreneurs to start the taxi-hailing business. Uber is observed as a successful business model and thus people are seeking an app like Uber for getting success in a short period of time. Uber business model is followed as a path of success in the taxi industry and in other industries as well.

How Does It Work?

The Uber is widely used, appreciated and loved by people, the main reason behind that is the services and convenience which Uber is providing. There is a separate way of using the app for each type of the user. Like riders have a different app to book the taxi while the driver has their own separate app to get the ride requests and provide the service. That same applies to features and benefits.

For Riders

The scenario has been changed where the whistling and hand waving doesn't even work for getting a taxi. Now the rider can get all the comfort and convenience in just a tap for taxi booking. The rider has an app to book the taxi. From this app, the rider can do many things by using different useful and user-friendly features available in the app. Uber has taken care of the riders in the best possible way.

For Drivers

The drivers have an individual app to operate the taxi booking tasks. Uber has taken care of the comfort and convenience of the drivers just as the riders. From the driver app, the drivers can manage the hard manual tasks online within the app. The chances to get riders increases while manual work is converted into automatic. Everyone is important for Uber and its business model that is why Uber calls them "partners" instead of "drivers".


Whenever we are talking about the development of Uber Clone App it clearly means that to develop two individual apps. One for the riders and another one for the drivers. Both will have different features and functionalities.

The rider app - From which any individual can book the taxi

The driver app - From which the ride requests can be fulfilled by providing taxi service

As said earlier both the apps will have different features and functionalities included in it. Both the apps will have only those things which are used to complete their respective tasks. Let us have a look at the features included in both the apps.

 Common features of rider app

Register/Login - A manual or social media login facility for the riders to login into the app or to register to start enjoying taxi hailing facility.

Taxi Booking Interface - A display from where the rider can enter the current location and destination for which the rider is seeking the taxi service for.

ETA - To know the estimated time of arrival of the taxi, so that the rider does not need to wait for a long time for the taxi.

Fare Estimate - The rider can check the fare in advance before starting or booking the ride. The fare estimator helps the rider to know the exact fare for the desired ride.

Online/Offline Payments - For those riders who prefer to pay online, they can do so with online payment options and others can even pay offline.

Ratings/Reviews - Every rider can rate and review the taxi service from the review and rating system.

Common features of driver app

Register/Profile - The driver can register with the app in order to start providing the service. They can create own profile and make it strong by adding different details in that.

Receiving Ride Request - Each nearby ride request would be received here. The driver can accept or reject it as per convenience.

Navigations - GPS based navigations are the most common feature every taxi app offers. It helps to find out the path to the destination of rider.

Route Optimization - Route optimization in advanced GPS based service which allows identifying the shortest and fastest path to the destination to speed up the service and increase the productivity.

Online Payments - The drivers can receive their payments online. Some of the apps integrate driver wallets for ease of transaction and use.

Costing components

Detailing each and every component would not be possible but listing them down will help to get a better idea. There are few important components which will definitely take place in any Uber-like app development task as per given below.

- App Development (Android/iOS/both)

- Designing

- Backend Development

- Web Development

- Testing and Maintenance

The cost of getting an app like Uber will be depended upon all of the above-mentioned components. It is a small but very useful idea about the Uber taxi app, what it has and how it works.

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Comment by Jennifer Atkinson on August 3, 2019 at 3:03am

There are a number of things to consider before choosing the Uber like app development for your ride-hailing needs. First of all the app need to be completely developed with all the necessary features and functionalities like that of major taxi giants in the industry. It is highly unlikely to do that by developing the app from scratch. With a Uber like app solution, the new age entrepreneurs can easily create the on-demand taxi app.


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