What Your Office Space Says About Your Brand

Some people think that a brand is all about a particular product or a company logo, when, in fact, things are much more complicated than that. Your brand is everything you are, from your employees and your website to the layout of your office. Potential customers and clients visiting your office for the first time will make a mental image associated with your business, based on what they see in your office. Because of this, it is important to know what your office space says about your brand.

List of Values

The first thing you need to realize is that creating a strong brand image is not only important for visitors, but for your employees as well. This means that you need to find a way to enhance your office for them. You can start by creating an ergonomic space by making a list of values attributed to your company and displaying it to be visible from every spot in the office. In this way, by having this moral code always in front of their eyes while in the workplace, you can easily influence your employees to learn or adhere to these rules. To put it simply, your office space must reflect your company culture. This is why it is important to work closely with experienced architecture firms like Studio X who can offer the best solutions on how to merge your office design with your brand’s values.

Office Ergonomics

Even though a lot of people are not familiar with the traits of a well-designed office, they can easily recognize one when they see it. For example, placing your desk in the farthest corner from the entrance will give you a great overview of the entire space. This way, you will not only be, but also seem in charge. Furthermore, clutters of used office materials, garbage bins that are full to the bursting and a mess of cables everywhere will give a bad first impression of your office to everyone. Additionally, everyone knows that people at work have a harder time focusing in a messy environment, so have strict requirements when making a deal with the cleaning company you decide to hire.

Colors of the Brand

Every company has its brand colors, from the tiniest startups to the world’s largest enterprises. They are usually displayed on their company’s logo, but can be used in other places, as well. If your company has some sort of uniforms or promotional material such as T-shirts, they should also be in this color. Same goes for the office. Painting your office in your company colors is a great way to endorse your brand in the eyes of its visitors. Unfortunately, some colors (although great on a logo) can be too aggressive for an office. In this situation, you can always paint an accent wall in the reception area. This way, the first thing your company’s visitors see is the color of your brand.

Crossover between Comfort and Efficiency

Finally, in 2018, more and more people decide to work from home. The reasons for this are numerous, but the most common ones are better comfort and saving on the commute. In a recent interview with people offering alternative co-working office space in Sydney, we have learned that finding a perfect middle ground between a home and a workspace is the right way to go. By achieving this in your own office, you are bound to introduce a cozier note to your office for all to see.


Every product you make and every person you hire represents your company, but the same also goes for your office space. Anyone who comes to visit your premises needs to know from the very entrance that they are at the right place. Simply by following a few of the aforementioned tips, you might transform your office into one of your most reliable brand ambassadors.

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