Which Are the Best Phone Headsets For Avaya Phones?

Buying a high quality phone simply means that you need to spend hard earned money on it. To enjoy crystal clear communication, you need to ensure that you have a quality headset along with a good phone. Plantronics has been producing state of the art headsets for Avaya phones. Users who purchase an Avaya phone should make sure that they have a suitable Plantronics headset along with it. If you look at the compatibility level, you would figure out that Plantronics headsets are highly compatible with Avaya phones.  Here are few quality headsets which are suitable for Avaya phones.

  • Plantronics ENCOREPRO 710/720

Encore Pro provides the perfect combination of comfort, ease of use and durability to the customer. This is a recommended Avaya phone headset. Some of the key features of this amazing headset are listed below.

  1. This hearing device is a delight for working professionals particularly the ones who are a part of the customer support industry. The Encorepro 710 / 720 has a design with extreme elegance. It has a sleek appearance which makes it stylish to wear. The speakers have a soft inner padding made out of leather. This makes it comfortable to wear even if you are following a tough working schedule.

  2. During an exhaustive work schedule, you would not like your headset to have the same stiff grip on your head. This headset has an adjustable grip. This simply means that you can adjust your headset if you want to take a break and relax. Along with that, this headset is perfectly compatible with all kinds of Plantronics processors.

  3. People who serve customers cannot survive if they are unable to hear them properly. Other than that, customer support professionals work in a noisy environment. This simply means that they need a headset with noise cancelation feature. This headset has a quality noise cancellation facility which automatically blocks all the sounds in the background. Thus, customer support professionals can handle their custom queries without getting disturbed by any background sounds.

  4. For crystal clear communication with any disturbances, this headset is equipped with wide-band audio. Along with that, it also has audio guard technology which simply means that your ears are protected by blocking sounds above a certain frequency. Customer support professionals do face ear damage problems when the sound frequency suddenly increases. With the Encore 710 / 720, they do not have to go through this problem in any manner.

Plantronics Encore Pro 510/ 520

Plantronics Encore Pro 510 / 520 is another headset that works very well with Avaya phones.  It is a headset that is being used widely by customer support professionals in different parts of the world.  This amazing headset has the following key benefits.


  • Customer support professionals need to wear headsets for the entire day while they are performing their official tasks. They cannot afford to wear devices that are not comfortable. The Encorepro 510 has soft inner padding which prevents all kinds of ear rashes.

  • The Encore Pro has a strong structure with solid joints. This simply means that the device does loosen from the ends even if it is used on continuous basis.  The device has a flexible mic which helps in positioning it according to preferences.

  • Plantronics Encore Pro 510 / 520. Is a sleek and light weighted device. Call center professionals and customer support personnel wear it for long hours without having any neck pain or headache.

  • This headset has a binaural design which means that both your ears would be blocked while you are involved in important conversations with the customer. During conversations with the customers, it is important that you do not get disturbed due to background sounds. The binaural design of the Encorepro 510 proves to be helpful for this purpose.

  • The Encorepro 510 / 520 comes along with a noise cancellation mic. This simply means that you can talk to your customer and hear him properly without getting disturbed due to background sounds. The noise cancellation microphone makes it easy to communicate while being in a noisy environment.


The Encore 540 is a recommended headset for Avaya phones.  It is a state of the art headset for customer support professionals. Here are some of the many benefits that this headset has to offer.

  1. The headset has an impressive noise cancellation feature. This simply means that you can communicate in the noisiest of environments without getting disturbed in any manner. For customer support professionals, it is important that they are able to communicate without any noise in the background. Professionals who use the Encore 540 can communicate freely without getting affected by the background noise. Customer support professionals usually work in a noise professional environment where multiple professionals work at the same time. The Encorepro 540 is a suitable option for such purposes.

  2. It is hard to find a headset that comes with multiple wearing designs. The Encorepro 540 is one of the very few that fulfill this requirement. At work, you can make a selection from 3 design options. Thus, you can choose a design according to your preference and work without any comfort issues.

  3. When a headset is bulky and has weight, it becomes hard for the user to wear it and work with concentration. The Encorepro 540 which is a lightweight headset can be worn for a complete working shift without facing any hardships. Customer support professionals can entertain the queries from their customers for long hours without getting tired in any manner.

When you talk about quality business phones, you will find Avaya at the very top. However, all headsets are not compatible with these high standard phones. Plantronics is a reputed brand that produces state of the art headsets for these quality business phones. The company has an exclusive product line for these phones. Whether you are a customer support professionals or working in another industry, opt for Plantronics headsets if you are using Avaya business phones.

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