Which Are The Top 3 Headsets For Home Office Environment

The world has transformed into a global village and frequent transference of information takes place all the time from one location to another. Nowadays modern communication devices have made it conversations through internet possible and people don’t need to travel in order to order to work or carry out important conversations. With the advancement in technology Headsets have become a vital part of all the conversations as they aid the users in obtaining clarity of communication and ensure smooth transference of information. Using headsets also encourages the professionals working in any office environment or working from home to enjoy hands free freedom and they are able to multitask along with carrying out a conversation.

Headsets are available in a variety of types including wireless, corded, Bluetooth, stereo, etc. and each type has its pros and cons. Users must select the headsets according to their need and personal preference so that they can benefit from the advantages of headset. People who work from home also require an efficiently working pair of headsets in order to work effectively and avoid being affected by the disturbances and carry out their work responsibilities with full concentration. The headsets must also be portable to be connected with a variety of laptops, computers, smart phones or tablets so that the users who are working from home do not face any connectivity issues. The top three headsets which are suitable for use by professionals working in a home based job are as following along with their specifications:

Plantronics CS520 Wireless Headsets

Plantronics is a leading brand in headset industry and their products have been making it to the bestseller list since a long time. Plantronics CS500 series contains headsets with high end features and an amazing set of qualities which makes this series very popular among headsets users. One of the best options among CS500 series is Plantronics CS520 which has high quality features making it highly recommended to be used by the professionals who are working from home.

Plantronics CS520 is a binaural wireless headset which provides users with a facility to multitask and they are free to move around the house while being on a call as these headsets does not limit the users to their computers or laptops. These headsets are extremely comfortable and lightweight to wear with their comfortable and soft ear pads and users can easily manage to wear these headsets throughout the day without feeling any discomfort.

A long range of 350 feet enables the users to move around freely at home and still manage to take calls and carry out work related activities without any interruption. The quick and easy controls of these headsets makes them very user friendly. Users can answer or end call, increase and decrease volume according to requirement, mute calls and other flash settings just with a single touch. The power system of these amazing headsets has been intelligently designed which adapts to low power mode when the headsets is not being used. A conference call of up to 3 additional Plantronics CS500 series can be conducted using the base of these headsets and new headsets can simply subscribe to the base by docking the headsets which saves any setting up time.

Jabra UC Voice 550 Duo Headsets

Jabra is also a known brand in headset industry and they have been providing customers with high quality products in reasonable prices since a long time. These corded headsets are suitable for professionals working from home as they ensure the users with high quality audio properties and crystal clear transference of information. Users can enjoy seamless communications with their team leads or managers without worrying about the battery running out as these headsets are corded headsets. The dup nature of these headsets provides the users with complete isolation s that they can carry out their work responsibilities without getting interrupted by any distractions at home.

The advance peakstop technology devices in these headsets is responsible for removing any kind of harmful loud sounds or tones and prevent causing any damage to human ears making these headsets a very healthy choice for users of all types. These headsets have been ergonomically designed with extremely soft ear pads and a flexible headband which can be adjusted according to the size of the user. These amazing headsets provide the users with intuitive call controls which lets them plug and play without wasting any time on setting up the device. The noise cancelling properties of these headsets enable the users working from home to continue their work without being disturbed by the background noises and perform well by cancelling out all the unwanted noises. The flexible boom arm of these amazing headsets can be adjusted in an optimal position and aids the users in carrying out their work responsibilities effectively and efficiently.

Sennheiser RS120 Wireless Headsets

These Sennheiser headsets are highly favorable for use in home based jobs as these headsets provide the users with an impressive range of 20 feet and the audio quality is not affected by any kind of obstacles lying in the way ensuring that the communications are carried out smoothly and clearly. These headsets successfully receive reception of signals even through walls, ceilings or other outdoor factors and enhance the usability of these headsets. The high audio range and the remarkable sound quality of these headsets make them a highly recommended option or users of all types.

The strong bass response and the detailed sound production of these headsets ensure that no minor audio details are missed by the users and the information is conveyed with complete accuracy. The binaural design of these comfortable and lightweight headsets enables the users to continue wearing them throughout the working hours without feeling any discomfort and the soft ear pads and headband avoid putting any exertion on the head and shoulder no matter for how long these wireless headsets are worn. The charging base enables the users to recharge them easily and quickly without affecting your work.


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