Which is the best Marketing Strategy for your ICO?

Initial Coin Offering has captivated the internet with small and huge business sectors earning millions through an ICO venture.  ICOs can bring a huge success or be a total failure in any business project. The best marketing strategy of your ICO determines the success of it. In other words, the success of your ICO depends on how effective your ICO Marketing strategy is performed.

The ICO marketing is the crucial stage of your ICO venture. If you do not let your potential investors know about your idea and ICO, then you cannot succeed your goal. ICOs are all about winning the interest and trust of potential investors. Drafting the ICO whitepaper marks the beginning of your ICO Marketing campaign.

The Whitepaper is the first thing that the potential and impending investors will look out to. What should your whitepaper contain? It should project the challenges faced in the industry and the solutions that the fundraising mechanism or the project as a whole can bring. It mainly should showcase the token distribution details, team members, roadmap of the ICO and the benefits that investors of the project will attain. To have a successful ICO reach to all potential and impending investors on a global scale, it is best to get your ICO marketing done by a proficient ICO Marketing company.

SHAMLA TECH Solutions, is a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Development Company which is also specialized in ICO Development to Marketing, Digital Marketing, Mobile App Development  and  Web Development and designing. Our team of Industry experts works hard to perform effective marketing strategies and to market your ICO powerfully.

Build a community

Strategize a digital marketing plan to target your audience. Set your goal with a clear vision and methodize it with a perfect pre-ICO plan. Create a compelling content that interests and provides information to your investors regarding your ICO, and the benefits that they will receive. You not only need to attract investors but also build trust. Start commenting on forums and Blockchain communities in order to find good potential investors and reach out to a wider range of target audience.

Develop and Design a stunning Website

Build a stunning ICO website that will appeal to your potential investors. We have a specialties team of web designers and developers with long-term experience and skilled expertise in developing the most attractive websites for your online project. Make sure to add the roadmap, your team members of the project and the main idea behind achieving your goal. The most important thing to be portrayed on your website is the token distribution details.

Online Publications

Write a lot of PR, blogs and articles to promote your ICO. Make sure to put the right content that will attract potential investors. Online publications are one essential method of ICO marketing. It powerfully transfers the accurate information to your target audience with a global reach. Make sure you have the command over the language that you use. Medium, ICO bench, Steemit, Press release sites are some of the most popular hubs for ICO and Blockchain related articles, blogs and PRs. Since most of the investors visit these sites, make the best of it with your project.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is one of the most popular and powerful method of marketing your business to people all around the world. Facebook, telegram, twitter, snapchat, and reddit are some of the most effective social media platforms for ICO Marketing. With such platforms, your ICO can move virally to people all around the world in a short period of time. Moreover, many cryptocurrency communities exist on social media platforms when many Blockchain and cryptocurrency experts make discussions and create events. Such platforms can be the best place for you to market your ICO.

ICO Listing

One of the most effective ways of marketing your ICO is by getting your ICO listed on the most prominent ICO listing sites. Free ICO listing sites are available, but, the most prominent ones are the sites that are not free. At SHAMLA TECH, we make sure to list your ICO in most popular ICO listing sites in order to market your ICO and help you gain a huge success for your ICO venture.

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