Which Social Media Chanel is Right for Your Business

Social media is the biggest step forward in communication in a generation, which means that if your business isn’t making use of it, you’re missing out. The only issue with taking your offering into the social domain is knowing where to start.

To give you plenty of food for thought, we’ve taken a look at some of the biggest social networks, so that you can learn a little more about what makes them unique. Once you know that, it will be obvious which ones you need to start using.

Keep Things Corporate With LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the king of the corporate social world, which means just about every business should be on it in one form or another. If your business is a lifestyle brand then perhaps LinkedIn won’t be all that central to your social strategy, but if you’re in anyway corporate, you need to be on there.

Start by creating a company page and then use it to follow your employees, customers, and suppliers. That way you’ll be leveraging your real-world network to get your social profile up to speed.

Answer Questions With Twitter 

Twitter really lends itself to answering questions and referring interested parties to the right person within your business. You should also know that it comes with full video streaming capability in the form of Periscope. This makes it a great way to live broadcast Q&As and interviews to your audience.

Ideal if you want to be able to spread the word about what you do in an informative and easy to engage with manner.

Showcase Your Products on Instagram 

Instagram is all about images which makes it a great place to showcase your new products. Of course, you can also use it if you’re a service provider, but you’ll have to be a little more creative with how you use it.

Post photos and videos of customers using your products and services, and you’ll be able to provide the all-important social proof that so many customers now require before making a purchase these days.

Not only that, but you can also use it to further project your brand by using image quotes and inspirational visuals which will take you to a wider audience. It’s also a great platform to work with influencers if you want to find well-followed people who will help endorse your brand.

Connect With Consumers On Pinterest

Pinterest is a platform that’s growing all the time, and it brings with it a different audience to all of the other social networks. Whilst everyone is on Facebook, Pinterest is all about crafters, hobbyists, and people who are earmarking products they would like to buy later.

If what you produce is likely to fall into any of these categories, then Pinterest should be at the very centre of your social strategy. Build up your own boards to help promote your brand, and make sure you find the right balance between promotion and being informative. That way your pins won’t come across as an endless series of ads that are designed to turn browsers into buyers.

Find Yourself a Mentor to Get the Inside Track  

The final bit of advice is perhaps the most important, and it all comes down to finding someone who knows how to launch your brand into the highly competitive world of social media.

Take the time to find someone with sufficient experience and knowledge, and don’t be afraid to ask them for their portfolio. That way you’ll be able to sleep easy knowing that you’ve joined forces with someone who knows how to get the job done.

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