Who's Viewed Your LinkedIn Profile (and What To Do Next)

Who's viewed your profile on LinkedIn - have you looked?

This LinkedIn module is often over-looked and can be a valuable part of your strategy.

Who's viewed your profile on LinkedIn

People who have viewed your profile on LinkedIn are interested in you!

What makes you click through to view a profile?  The same reasons often apply in reverse:

  • They may have liked a discussion you participated in.
  • Content you've been posting may be answering or addressing problems they face.
  • You may have appeared in a search result within LinkedIn.
  • They were specifically looking at you.
  • They may be researching you for an upcoming meeting or interview.

Why does it matter who has viewed your LinkedIn profile?

Your profile views are one of the key measurements of your LinkedIn strategy.  Who has viewed will tell you the following:

  • What demographic you are appealing to.
  • Whether your profile is working - did they then go on to invite you to connect?
  • Have you been communicating with the person within LinkedIn - which groups, discussions, content is resulting in the most profile views?
  • Do you know this person outside of LinkedIn?

What to do after looking at your LinkedIn profile views!

  1. Look at their profile.
  2. Is this person likely to be a valuable connection?
  3. Which groups do they belong to - are these groups you are seeing a lot in profiles, are they groups of value to you?
  4. Do you have connections in common?

IF they are someone you would like to connect with you can either invite them to your network with a personal invitationor connect to their network and start influencing.

ADJUST your strategy (and profile if necessary) according to answers of the questions above.

TIP on the weekly report I provide for LinkedIn clients I make sure I check profile views every day for every client who does not have a premium account.  By doing this, if they are getting more than 5 profile views per day I can be sure I don't miss any out.

Overview and Privacy

This content is taken from the LinkedIn Help Centre and can be hard to find but gives you a good overview on the privacy settings available.

The "Who's Viewed Your Profile" module helps you understand who's been looking at your profile recently and how many times you have shown up in search results.

You can select what others see when you've viewed their profile from the Settings page.

There are three different ways we show info on who's viewed your profile, based on the profile viewer's privacy settings:

  • Name and headline.
  • Anonymous profile characteristics such as industry and title.
  • Anonymous LinkedIn user.

You'll see profile stats about who's viewed your profile if:

  • You have a premium account. This will also give you access to Profile Stats Pro.
  • You have a free basic account and have set your privacy settings to show your name and headline.

You won't see any profile stats if:

  • You have a free basic account and have set your privacy settings to remain anonymous.

Note: Upgrading to a premium account will not show you additional information about a profile viewer if they have chosen to remain anonymous in their privacy settings. Search results statistics shared in this feature show keywords used to search and not details about the person searching.

Also, we may vary the information we show (e.g. VP of Marketing in Internet Industry, Manager at Goldman Sachs, Someone at Accenture) to protect members' privacy.

The time period you see in the module may vary based on how many people have looked at your profile in the past several weeks. If your profile hasn't been viewed recently, the module won't appear.


Your Turn: Do you regularly look at your profile views, if so - how do you use or act on the information?

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