Why Add Live Chat Software to your Ecommerce Website

It is no secret today that the Internet has emerged as the world’s largest marketplace with millions of products being bought and sold each hour across geographical boundaries. Online sales constantly continue to inch northward. Worldwide business-to-consumer (B2C) ecommerce sales have indeed increased by about 20.1% in 2014 to touch $1.5 trillion, according to a research study conducted by eMarketer. Unparalleled ecommerce sales has paved the way for a need for unmatched customer support simply because the world’s population has not increased proportionally.


Behind the success stories of many of these ecommerce enterprises is the sustained effort to deliver a rich blend of customer support and ongoing service through a variety of service channels including live support chat software.  There are two reasons why even the early adopters of support strategies were so concerned about providing good service to their customers through every conceivable service channel with live chat software usually topping the list:


Rising Cost of Customer Acquisition 


Many ecommerce startups even today hand out free trial offers, gift cards and other incentive programs for new sign-ups. Enterprises are compelled to budget for this because of increasing global competition and the need to build reliable and sustainable customer communities.


Word-of-mouth Reputation Building 


If customers were happy with the service and support provided by a specific ecommerce company, they were also happy to tout their impressions loud and clear over social media. It did not take ecommerce enterprises the realize the full value and potential of grassroots marketing through viral reputation building.


There are a few compelling reasons why ecommerce website owners such as yourself should consider live chat support for possible inclusion in your bouquet of choices for prospects and customers alike when it comes time to either implement or expand your support strategy:


  • Live Chat is Affordable – Many studies, including a landmark study by eConsultancy, have demonstrated that live chat adoption is one of the most cost effective ways to deliver personalized and on demand customer service in real time. The ROI on live chat is significantly higher than phone and more likely to generate a positive user experience given the fact that phone service has encountered several issues in the recent past including misuse by over-enthusiastic tele-callers for outbound cold calling and telemarketing purposes.

  • Live Chat Generates Transcripts – Once your customers and website visitors know that this is a feature of live chat support that comes to them at no charge whatsoever, you will begin to notice a steep rise in the number of customers who generate their chat transcripts. It helps customers by allowing them to track their conversations, access instructions even after the chat session has closed, and visit URLs that your live chat agent may have recommended from your website. Transcripts also help administrators and supervisors to assess user behavior, analyze user experience, and evaluate chat agent performance.

  • Live Chat for Sales – Live chat was never intended to serve as a sales tool when it first emerged on the support horizon in early 2000. It was conceived as a way to help customers and visitors navigate around the website and answer specific questions live and in real time with a view to enriching the user experience. With the arrival of powerful platforms such as marketing automation and CRM, live chat also began to receive second visits from the experts. They concluded that live help was indeed an excellent way to increase sales as long as support professionals were willing to wear a second hat-- that of sales-- and recommend product purchases based on their familiarity with customer behavior.


As you can tell from the brief introspection above, you have several good reasons to explore why add live chat software is good for your E-commerce website. There are plenty of live chat companies, including <ours,> that will help you  walk right through the learning curve and  install live chat service on your website, provide training and ensure through 24X7 customer support that you are well on your way to converting visitors into customers and customers into loyal members of your extended family.

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