Why CakePHP is Popular for Web App Development

When it comes to building web applications, there are numerous open source frameworks that can be employed. However, in recent times, CakePHP is rapidly becoming the preferred choice among developers. In essence, CakePHP is an open-source web framework written in PHP.

Unlike existing platforms for web app development, CakePHP boasts an easy-to-use, concise, and highly interactive interface which gives any CakePHP development company the freedom required to deliver bespoke web app development solutions.

Apart from the aforementioned features, the Object Relational Mapping, Class inheritance, and the Built-in Validation also make CakePHP a superior choice for web app developments. Exploring the internet, you will realize several other reasons for CakePHP’s popularity and we shall go through some of the reasons in detail.

Model View Control (MVC) Architecture of CakePHP

CakePHP is based on MVC architecture. This seemingly basic feature makes it very easy for developers to distinguish the business logic from the data presentation layer of projects. The ‘Model’ category enables you to edit or input data directly from the database. The ‘View’ category enables screen rendition of information while ‘Controller’ makes it possible to modify data before settling in the database.

This separation makes it easier to develop applications, regardless of the size or complexity of the project. In addition, CakePHP comes with a set of conventions to guide you in developing your application. Now, CakePHP developers can work independently and quickly with the plethora of available resources.

Easy-to-Use Built-In Functionalities

When you hire a CakePHP developer for a project, the developerlooks for ways to simplify and one way to do this is by integrating different APIs. Most frameworks have in-built validation features, however, integrating some of these functionalities takes time. However, the in-built features offered by CakePHP are compatible with different websites which facilitates seamless integration.

CakePHP Provides Custom Codes

CakePHP also accelerates the web app development process by providing in-built codes, thereby eliminating complexity. Similarly, CRUD scaffolding makes it possible for a single line of code to take care of the ‘create’, ‘read’, ‘update’ and ‘delete’ activities simultaneously. Apart from having these benefits, it’s also possible to customize your code.

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No Configuration Needed

Because of the open source nature of several platforms, a great deal of configuration, editing, and restructuring has to be accomplished before programming can commence. With CakePHP development services, a large portion of the settings and features are automaticallydetected.

Now, when you hire CakePHP developers, they are no longer required to study the configuration settings or spend extra time solving compatibility issues. This makes it possible for developers to focus on key areas of the web app development. This added advantage has led to the proliferation of CakePHP development companies that offer CakePHP development services.

SEO Friendly Website Development

Due to the highly competitive nature of today’s internet, SEO is an important requirement when building websites. This is in order to ensure higher ranking on search engines andimproved visibility to the intended audience. Using CakePHP, it is very easy to incorporate modules that improve the ranking performance of your websites. This opportunity to seamlessly boost visibility is irresistible to organizations and this is why they hire CakePHP developers for their projects.

Built-In Testing Ability

Having to test a web app the end of development can prolong development time, especially when critical issues are discovered at the tail end of the project. The presence of a built-in testing feature is an added advantage because it enables developers to test their website as development progresses. CakePHP framework prides itself on both seamless system integration and unit testing. Therefore, it is possible to test without having to use a third party testing tool.

Code Re-usability

With CakePHP, it is possible to reuse codes for different projects when they share similar characteristics. This does not only reduce development time, it saves resources, cost, and effortsince developers aren’t required to write a new code for every project they tackle.

Compatibility with a Wide Range of Languages.

One major challenge with some frameworks is the language barrier. CakePHP, on the other hand, eliminates any form of language barrier. It is compatible with different languages, making it very easy for developers to create apps with different modules. It is also possible to switch languages during the web app development phase.

This comes in very handy to CakePHP development companies as it makes it possible for them to delegate an ongoing programming project to another programmer who knows a different set of language; such a developer can easily continue the project with the preferred language.

CakePHP Offers Increased Security

When developing a web application, security must be given top priority. This condition is more stringent for data sensitive apps. It must be resistant to security breaches and the activities of hackers. CakePHP comes with security enhancing features like Input Validation, Form Tampering Protection, XSS prevention, CSRF Protection and SQL Injection Prevention. In fact, CakePHP codebase itself is audited through Mozilla secure open source.This ensures that web apps developed with CakePHP are safe and makes CakePHP a top choice for developers.

CakePHP has a Large Online Community

CakePHP is supported by a large community of CakePHP developers. These developers are constantly sharing ideas and information with each other and the support makes it almost impossible to get stuck when developing CakePHP. This is because you can easily learn new tools, get updates, and hone your skills. More importantly, you can get help on CakePHP development services when you need help. Also, it is possible to scout for a CakePHP development company if the need arises.


With the impressive features offered by CakePHP, developers are almost unable to contain their excitement. Studies show that web app development time can be cut by up to fifty percent with CakePHP. When you also consider the simplicity and security it offers, the popularity of CakePHP is bound to assume an upward trend in the years to come.

With this trend, making use of CakePHP is a great choice for web app development. To get assistance with your web app development, you can hire CakePHP developer here.

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