Why Every Small Business Should Use iOS

Over two billion people own smart-phones and use them to communicate or browse the internet on a daily basis. A business owner who hasn't tapped into this potential markets by developing an iOS app will definitely lag behind in the competition. The functionality and quality of iOS applications is incomparable; they have revolutionized how smart SMB owners optimize their marketing campaigns and maintain healthy relationships with their existing clients.


Why does an App Make Sense for Your Business?


If you know that your type of business will realize increased profits by just staying in touch with your customers on a 24-hour basis, then you need to develop an app. Even if your business is retail, you can still use rewards and discounts to convince your customers to come back shopping from your store again and again. With the help of a mobile app, you can easily afford to do that without investing in too much hardware infrastructure or customer service representatives.


Website vs. Mobile app


Having a business website is a very brilliant idea for any business in today's competitive markets. But, your business's website may be competing with up to a million websites of businesses that offer the same products or services. With a mobile app, you will only compete with a few other different applications on an individual's mobile device. So, building a mobile app which has limited competition is better than designing a website.


Mobile app vs. Email marketing


Email marketing is one of the old techniques of marketing a product that some businesses are still employing today. However, there is no guarantee that a prospect will see and read your email even if he or she has subscribed to your list. Your small business can utilize the 'push notification' option in letting a smart phone user who has your mobile app to know about your new products, events, discounts, and even advertisements.


With a mobile app that allows you to set up self directed IRA, you can handle all your retirement plans and enjoy the tax breaks and asset protection of your small business. Meaning, you don't have to be restricted bankers or brokers in defining your business's future.


Although these push notifications happen for different reasons even when they are coming from one mobile app, they are always read by the owner of the mobile device. While statistics from Silverpop's Email Marketing Benchmark study showed that only 5.4% of the opened emails links end up being clicked, Xtify a push provider showed that up to 40% of mobile device users follow up on the push notifications by opening the mobile app.


Benefits of developing a mobile app


Earn money: If you're a smart retailer, you can choose to monetize your small business's mobile app. You can use digital ads or in-app purchases to get money from the mobile app and thus generate a stream of income that will supplement your business's profits.


Attract new customers: Once you build a mobile app, all your current customers will start enjoying the efficiency of understanding your brand better and getting awesome service delivery. Your customers can use the referral and share options in helping you market your products or services to their friends and family members.


Establish a brand: Building a mobile app is a not-so-obvious ad for any business. You can showcase your products and services in a more tech savvy manner by building a mobile app. Your existing and new customers will associate better with a brand that advances with technology.


About 90 percent of the American population who check there smartphones about once in an hour have now devoted the time to using apps. Although owning a website for your business is a very viable idea, the paradigm shift from online to mobile activity that has been experienced in the recent past suggest that if you don't invest in an iOS mobile app, your business will lose out in the competition.

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