Why Feng Shui is good for your Business Premises

Our workplaces have now become a focus for helping to improve our health and well being. This is why a lot of business owners are throwing themselves into redesigning and redecorating their office workspaces to improve the working environment for their staff and visitors.

Feng Shui has been used for many years to create a good flow of energy and balance within our homes, and now the trend is making steady headway into our office space too with positive results.

Since we spend many long hours in the office, it helps to apply these feng shui health tips to really maximise the potential of the available space and create a healthy flow of energy and creativity. Lets look at how to make a start:

  1. Double Glazing Windows

You may be surprised by our first tip and ask what is so 'feng shui' about double glazing windows? Well, to create the perfect atmosphere within your workplace you need start with the basics. Double glazing your office windowswill help to keep cold drafts out, keep the workplace comfortably warm and will let in plenty of daylight to allow your staff to work comfortably without straining their eyes or having to rely too much on stark overhead electric lighting.

  1. Air Purifying Plants

Air quality in the office is another important feng shui point. Taking steps to improve it by adding lots of indoor plants can help to purify the surrounding air space, drawing out indoor pollution caused by electronic equipment.

  1. Re-positioning office furniture

It is a sad fact that many offices position their work desks facing walls or office dividers. This can block off a persons energy and thought processes. A better way to open up creativity and give a worker a better range of vision would be to turn their work desk around to face away from the wall. This makes for easier eye-contact with fellow co-workers and more gazing space to focus on when thinking about work tasks. Positioning green pot plants as focal points around the office can also give tired eyes some rest and can help to refresh the mind.

  1. Feng Shui for Office Cubicles

Working in an office cubiclecan make it more difficult to achieve good feng shui, but it's not impossible to improve things! Firstly, clear the clutter. A clean and organised cubicle space can help  keep your thought processes flowing. Make sure you include an air-purifying plant on your desk as well as a couple of high energy items to keep you motivated. These can be a treasured photo that makes you smile and a piece of art that contains lots of bright and inspiring colours and shapes to keep your mind working.

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Comment by Chloe Taylor on August 7, 2018 at 3:06am

Consider a proper wall color as well. The best colors would be white, green, earth tones and even lavender. Once you choose your favorite, look for a quality painting services and transform your workplace into a true Feng Shui heaven ;)


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