Why Investing in Promotional Products can Make or Break Your Business

As the market continues to get increasingly advertizing-sensitive with each passing day, real-life product promotion is starting to catch up with online marketing. An imaginative social media campaign may spark an interest in potential customers, but it’s offline marketing that can make – or break – a chance at conversions and improved brand visibility. If you’re not sure whether an investment in promotional products is worth your brand’s cash, take a quick look at the benefits such a move entails and the best hardware to use to this end.

What You Get is more than What You See

The use of promotional products can land multiple benefits in a brand’s lap. Here’s a shortlist of the most important gains a cool giveaway with a clearly displayed corporate logo can bring you.

1. Don’t Preach – Just Reach Them

Promo merchandise allows brands to improve offline exposure, reach a wider audience of potential customers, and build and/or boost brand awareness and recognition among potential buyers. In this regard, branded products double as free mobile ads, allowing emerging businesses to take their branding game to the next level. Bonus point: few customers would say No to a functional (albeit branded) giveaway, which makes promo products a smart way to turn a loyal customer into your brand’s ambassador.

2. Build Trust First, Count Profits Later

By giving people functional and smart-looking promo knickknacks they can use every day, you’ll get to establish a positive reputation and win a spot in the mind of a potential buyer, helping them form an association between your brand name and the concept of expediency. On top of that, giveaways also build trust in potential users, as they convey the message that the brand behind the logo isn’t in it for profits only and that it actually cares about its loyal customers, which can up the odds of a successful sale and repeat purchases.

3. A Cheap Trick to Win a Decent ROI

In addition to convenience and effectiveness, promotional products such as bags, pens, notepads, and T-shirts are a cost-efficient advertizing tool which can help your brand cut long-term marketing costs. Contrary to common advertizing misconceptions, branded hardware promises a decent ROI: practical, portable, and easy to spot, promo products will get scores of purchase-minded eyeballs on your brand name. For bonus financial gains, you’ll often get a discount if you decide to buy promotional items in bulk.

Pick the Right Tools of the Promo Trade

In case you decide to use promotional products to boost your marketing efforts, be sure to pick the right tools of the branding trade. Here are some of the most important points you should bear in mind when selecting promo merchandise.


A promotional giveaway must have practical value for the end-user: functionality is the safest guarantee they’ll hold on to the item. An umbrella, bag, laptop sleeve, calendar, or mug won’t go amiss with even the most finicky of customers, as marketing intolerant as they may be.


For peak profits and conversions, pick promo goods that bear relevance to your brand’s niche. If your company does business in the IT industry, opt for a branded mouse pad or USB flash drive, or, if you’re a grocery store owner, invest in branded cloth bags. Promo items that can easily be associated with a specific niche will make your marketing team’s work much easier.   

• Visibility

Although promo products that bear relevance to your brand’s line of work are a good way to go about offline marketing, universal-use items such as custom-printed Amazing Wristbands bracelets and other trendy wearables are a better choice for up-and-coming businesses looking to get more eyes on their brand name. In this light, purpose-specific gizmos are better for brands looking to boost conversion, whilst general-use items are a smarter branding and outreach tool.


Last but not the least, promo merchandise needs to rock a simple, yet easily recognizable design if it’s to catch a potential customer’s eye. Though the brand logo has to be clearly marked, it shouldn’t be an eyesore: after all, you want a customer to like the branded item and feel comfortable toting it out in public.

Digital marketing may be gaining momentum these days, but it doesn’t mean promo giveaways are about to become a chapter out of advertizing history textbooks. A simple and cost-efficient way to reach target audiences, increase conversions, and build brand awareness, reputation, and trust in potential customers, promo merchandise is alive and kicking – in fact, it seems custom-design giveaways have become the 21st-century equivalent of business cards. Don’t throw away the concept of promo products just yet: your customers won’t ditch a smart giveaway if they get one.

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Comment by Jeorge Waters on July 10, 2019 at 12:10pm

I am only getting familiar with promotional items and ways you can use those to benefit your business and it really seems to me that if you do everything properly, you can get a lot.


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