Why It Is So Easy To Make Your Customers Happy

It's so simple to provide good customer service and make customers not just happy, but thrilled.
The best advertisement for your company is a fan base of happy clients who sing your praises.
As a modern business owner, there is no reason you can't make this come true. There are so
many different cloud-based applications available for you to use to ramp up your customer
service management.

If you want to make your customers happy the easy way:
Be Real -- Be human and don't act like a computer. Even if you're using a computer to communicate with customers there are ways to be a real person by using emoticons, and ensuring that the customer service agent uses a friendly tone with the customers, always using their name and contact information in the signature line.

Listen -- When a customer has a compliant it is important that every staff member that assists the client actually listens to what the client has to say. Sometimes the client will let you know exactly what to do to solve the problem that is usually less than you might do if you hadn't listened.

Actually Care -- It's important to see past numbers and see that a customer is a real live human being that is more than an addition to your bank account. If you can't see customers as real people, and actually care about their issues, it'll show.

Get Right On It -- Don't make excuses, get right on a solution. Most help desk applications today will send a customer an automated response, make sure those responses sound authentic and like a real person is behind the answer and on the case.

Don't Make Assumptions -- Never assume that a client is out to get you, or just a complainer when they have a problem. Ask the right questions so that you can get the right answers. Remember, no question is too dumb to ask so that you can fix your client's problem.

Surprise Them -- If you are constantly coming up with new ways to please your clients, they'll be super happy. Set up your system to send your clients free eReports based on keywords in their question, or suggest a new product, or service if you have it. They'll be glad you did!

Be Positive -- Customer service should be friendly, outgoing and positive. Clients will be more satisfied if your agents are trained to be positive instead of negative.

Make It a Priority -- Customer service management should be a priority in every small business because you'll make more money by having repeat customers. Clients and agents should know that good customer service is a priority to the company.

Give Agents the Power -- Your customer service agents should be empowered to actually solve issues up to a certain dollar amount in favor of the client. You'll save far more money in the long run if you're willing to give agents the go ahead to solve issues.

Incentivize Agents -- The happier your agents, and staff, the happier your clients will be! Ensure that your staff feels secure in their jobs and have ample opportunity to increase their income by taking good care of customers. Don't always make incentives a numbers game of who saved the most money, or who made the most up sells, in customer service, sometimes giving money back to a customer can make all the difference.

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