Why Keep Away from Cheap USB Chargers?

"Hey buddy! Guess what? I got this charger at a dollar's price." You might have been a part of a moment like this one directly or indirectly. But no matter how much you may have flaunted a cheap charger deal or might have gleaned at the cheap price, you should know that you are in for an unpleasant surprise later. And, it can be any scenario. A journey that comes to halt as your smartphone is losing the charge or it is charging extremely slow and you don't know what to do.

If you want to keep the above scenarios at bay, you must know how to find the right USB chargers. Only then, you would be able to keep away from cheap USB chargers. But before we find out how, let us get an understanding of what Amp and its abbreviation signifies.

Amp defines the amount of electrical charge that passes through one point at a particular point. And the number of amps that a device supports is known as Amperage. The higher the number of Amp is, the faster is your charging. It is abbreviated as 'A' and milliamps are abbreviated as 'mA'.

Now let's find out what should you do to keep away from cheap USB chargers:


Use the Right Charger

A charger, as we all know is cable along with an adapter that helps you to bring your device's battery to life. Now, if you have observed the USB chargers keenly, you must have noticed that they come with their respective connectors. These include Micro USB, USB C or Lightning.

It is important to know and recognize the connectors so that you do not end up making a wrong choice. USB C, for example, is an overlaid connector and you can insert it either way up. It serves the best purpose for all the Windows and Android devices that released after the year 2015. Windows and Modern Mac Computers also make use of USB C. It is common to find the lightning connectors with Apple's mobile device. So, make sure you know your devices and buy your charger accordingly.

Consider the Charging Rates

If you use different devices with different USB Adapters at different times, you must know that all the chargers have different charging rates even if they have the same connector. The more powerful a device is, the higher the number of milliamps should be.

Let's consider iPad and iPhone for example. iPhone needs an amperage of 1.1A and iPad would need 2.1A. Now, if you charge an iPhone using and iPad charger, the iPhone might get a little hot but it won't cause much of a problem. So, when you go for buying a new charger, ensure that you find the one which has amperage rate suitable for your device.

Check Out the Power Source

Your search doesn't just end with the right charger. You also need to consider the power source while charging your devices. Although you might have worked around outputs that give good quality power; there are some USB ports on computers which will not provide good quality charging. Despite of the fact that you are using the right charger.

If you use a wall socket, you will find enough power to charge a mobile device up to 13A. This is quite similar to a car's cigarette which provides the power of up to 12A.

Beware of Chargers with Cheap Cables

When it comes to chargers having cheap cables, you can't tell the difference between a USB port and a Wall Socket. And this can plummet the charging rates up to a great extent. So, in case you have plugged on your charger and it shows USB - the charging amperage would be 500 mAH - which is half the power that you actually need.

Also, even if the charger has bad shielding, it will bring down the charging speed. Beware of the chargers that claim to provide fast charging but are not able to do so.

Make sure you follow the above-mentioned guidelines before you buy the charger and it will keep your devices protected. Do you have any other questions pertaining to chargers or experiences that you would want to share with us? Feel free to do so!

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