Why Modern Advertising is Ruled by Digital Marketing

Advertisement is a primary tool of marketing. You advertise a product to spread an awareness among your customer base. This way they come to know about the product and good ads leave a lasting impression on their mind which makes them buy the product. Advertisements used to happen on print media, televisions, or radios before the internet was born. Occasionally, though more often than occasionally, print ads were brilliant. They reached masses and people actually paid attention to the product ads because of how good they were. People used to care about ads for radio and television as well. This is not to say that no one cares about it now.

However, then came the internet and it changed everything about the advertising industry. It fast tracked all industries and their selling potential. It changed the way people spent on marketing. With print, one had to buy ad spaces on news pages or in magazines, which is expensive. While with television, one had to buy prime spots or have a very small audience that consumed content at odd hours of the day.

The wonderful thing about the internet is that it’s everywhere, with a whole lot of advertising channels being free or almost free. Your spending prowess doesn’t limit online marketing solutions. There are solutions that cost nothing or very little. So, marketing is easier now for everyone, and not just for big companies. Digital ads can reach any device connected to the internet. So, the potential of your ads become limitless.

Traditionally, advertising is just one aspect of online marketing solutions. Now, one can market products and services on social media, through email marketing, with videos that play on video sharing platforms like YouTube, etc. Modern-day advertisements themselves are not static. There are images, animations, and videos, that make ads much more interactive than simple looking few words in a newspaper.

There are multiple benefits of shifting your marketing efforts and resources from traditional marketing to online marketing. But there are some negatives that might be making you cynical about shifting to online marketing.

Here are the biggest negatives that stop many owners to invest in online marketing:

  • There is too much going on the internet, so sometimes your voice can drown in all that.
  • With taking things digital, comes the problem of your digital impression. It is very easy to mess up because of internet trolls and negative feedback. As the internet gives you a voice, it also gives a voice to negative feedback.

But these negatives won’t hold you back if the command of your online marketing strategies is in the right hands. Before jumping to any conclusions, let’s have a look at the spectrum of benefits online marketing comes with:

  • Accurate Statistics

One can get accurate statistics to analyze the return on investment and performance of the online ads. Based on these statistics, one can also understand the demographic based requirements of the products or services they are selling.

For example: Showing ads for raincoats in a region that has next to no rainfall is futile. But showing ads for the same product in a region when it rains most time of the year, will convert into positive sales.

  • Wider Reach:

The reach of online ads is wide as around 4.012 billion people use internet worldwide. With more devices connecting to the internet every day, your products and services can reach out to more people easily.

For example: If you have an ecommerce clothing store with a global targeted audience, then online ads will make your web presence more effective and you will be able to reach to your targeted audience.

  • Flexibility:

When you direct all your marketing efforts towards online advertising, you can target the audience the way you want to. The flexibility that online platforms provide make your ads more relevant resulting in higher sales and overall organizational growth.

For example: If you sell headphones, you can have your ads play before consumer technology videos, or place them with consumer technology blogs.

  • Partnership marketing:

As a business owner you can partner with media houses, or blogs to talk about your products. In return, when your targeted customers buy your products through the links they have provided, they will get a small percent of the sale.

  • Equal opportunities:

Digital marketing gives small and big companies the same platforms, therefore providing the equal opportunities to each and every one.

Keeping the benefits aside, online marketing is not rocket science but it comes close. As a business owner this can be pretty overwhelming. But as it happens with all innovation, a whole new industry of digital marketing has risen with the internet. There are plenty of good digital marketing service providers available. You can pick such company that works well for you and handover your online marketing segment to them.

Summing up…

Digital marketing service providers are experts in figuring out what works for your brand and how to represent you in front of your audience. It is easier to have a dedicated team working on marketing so that you can focus on your growing product or enhancing services. You can only maintain relevance in the market if what you are selling is up-to-date to meet the requirements of the audience. It has to keep up with the competition and if possible offer better features than the competition. This you can do, when you work hand-in-hand with a digital marketing service provider.

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