Why PHP web development company is recommended for AMP

Competitiveness among the businesses is at an all-time high. Everyone wants to attract a large number of audience. To do so, businesses require effective and attractive websites for the users. These mobile and web pages not only attract the customers but also provide various benefits to the business. The interactive pages provide a distinct identity to a business. It helps in offering essential information to the business’s customers.

There has been a new concept of creating web pages for static and simple content. It is called Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP. Let’s get into details of AMP.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

In recent times, Google released a technique which can ease the web pages’ creation for the static content. This particularly designed framework for Google was made to enhance the speed of web pages which is designed for facilitating the loading process of these pages. The framework is open source. It is designed for the business so that they can improve the speed of their business page for mobile networks. It saves additional cost for the businesses. It achieves it by reducing the revenues for advertisements and also increasing the speed.

So, now comes the question that why PHP development company is recommended for AMP. Well, there are significant features of PHP which are good reasons for this question. It clarifies which PHP is completely suitable for AMP development.

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Developing something which is innovative and performance-oriented for the static content on the particular website, it requires something extra. The cost of the platform plays a key role in this. Forgetting the expected outcome from the AMP, developers require such platform which can complement these aspects along with being stable when it comes to implementation cost. PHP is an open source development language which works quite well with all of the leading platforms. It reduces the cost of implementation. It is also recommended to hire PHP developer who can complete the development work within the budget. Hence it becomes a cost-effective solution for developing AMP.

2. Variety of Framework

When it comes to the implementation of the entirely new concept in the website page development, it requires complete knowledge. It will certainly encounter few problems. AMP also faces similar issues. Since it is new in the development industry, the developers face a lot of difficulties when they are designing as well as implementing AMP. PHP assists the developers with this. PHP is a leading development language which includes a plethora of frameworks for the development requirements. There are variously available frameworks which make PHP the best option that eliminates any possible issues when AMP is utilized in different frameworks.

3. Ease of Implementation

PHP is among the most simple programming as well as the development language. The syntax of this language is based on C and Pearl programming language. Hence, PHP becomes an easy choice for the developers to learn as well as execute. This, it is a better idea to use PHP as a programming language for developing AMP as it is easy to learn and implement.

4. Compatibility Aspect

The mobile users are segments according to different mobile devices, operating system, interface etc. Hence, it comes essentially to make sure with the compatibility factor. When AMP is loaded on mobile device, it should be designed using the programming language which is most compatible with different platforms and servers. PHP is not platform specific as it can easily be used by all of the leading platforms like Windows, UNIX, Linux etc. Also this programming language is compatible with almost all of the leading servers. When PHP is used for developing AMP, then one shouldn’t worry about any type of compatibility issues.

5. Inherent Safety

It is absolutely worthless to develop a mobile page which isn’t secure. The safety feature is the prime requirement which every mobile page needs to be enabled with. It reduces all types of possible risks. Using a programming language as well platform which is not secure, then it may result in the mobile page to crash. There may be a risk of user personal information getting compromised to the unreliable source. PHP is well designed with quite an effective security layer. It offers complete protection against malware, viruses, spams etc. It also ensures that personal and sensitive information of the users always remains secured without any type of security breaches.

6. Ultimate Speed
The major aim for the development of AMP is to reduce the loading as well as executing time of mobile pages. To achieve it, one has to use the programming language which can be used as well as implemented with quite a speed. PHP satisfy this particular requirement. Since PHP isn’t dependent on the memory of the server and also uses its own memory, the workload on the particular server essentially reduces to almost minimum. PHP also ensures that memory of the server remains free for the achievement of easier loading and faster processing of all the mobile pages. This reduction in implementation, as well as execution time, helps in reducing the development costs as well as time for mobile pages of different types of businesses.

7. Trusted Legacy

PHP has been used for over two decades for web development. It has emerged as the most preferred choice among the developers. It meets all types of various needs and requirements. It has passed all the necessary development requirements. It has also gained the trust of all the developers to use this language without any compromise. This same thing applies when it comes to developing AMP. The developers can easily design as well as control any changes they need to make when they are designing using the PHP for different mobile applications.


PHP has various inherent advantages which makes it the most preferred language. As the aim of AMP is to reduce the loading and execution time of mobile pages, PHP offers various features which suit the requirement. It is quite speedy and secure. It is easier for the developers to learn and execute. It is quite cost-effective and is compatible with all types of platforms, servers, operating systems etc. That's why PHP development web services are recommended for AMP.

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