Why should you invest in your own careers website?

When you’re trying to get yourself noticed online, the internet can be a noisy place. With thousands of competitors fighting for the attention of consumers, and job boards and aggregators like Indeed and Monster scooping up massive shares of the jobseeking audience, what you need is a way to set yourself apart from everybody else and increase your visibility where it matters: for instance, on sites like Google.

Though at first it can seem expensive to invest money in creating a new careers sites, the long-term benefits that it gives you are enormous. Job aggregators like Indeed will display your jobs online, but in a way that doesn’t make you stand out from the hundreds of other jobs circulating on the site; in contrast, a careers site lets you seize control of your own brand. It can be customised to reflect the values of your company, and you can control what appears on it, from the latest jobs to your latest posts on social media. Unlike Indeed, it’s versatile, and you control it.

They can also help you become much more visible online. Careers sites are the perfect place to engage your consumer: the longer they stay on the site, the more likely they are to apply for a job with you. Your site is the perfect platform for content marketing- pieces of informative, fresh content about the sector you work in that will help or inform potential customers. This will not only help you build up a relationship between you and your customers, but it will encourage brand loyalty and encourage them to return to your site, time and again.

Having a careers site also has a number of technical benefits. Many sites like Indeed will ‘pull’ job rankings around the internet and rank them on their site automatically, but only if they are correctly configured; this same principle applies to ranking on Google. Your site will also give you a head start when it comes to SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, which ranks results on Google based on the keywords on your site, the amount of trustworthy links you have on there, and the quality of the content you have on your blog. Having a careers site makes you more visible online, and draws traffic to your own site rather than a jobs board like Indeed.

Versatile and useful, a careers website is a great opportunity to take control of your brand and attract traffic straight to your site, rather than having to rely on other sites for incoming applications. As a chance to get ahead in the recruitment market, it’s excellent. As an investment opportunity, it’s even better. 

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