The insurance industry is one of the biggest ones in the UK. Spanning a huge range of disciplines, from liability, which covers people in case of bodily injury, or property damage, to personal injury, or even business insurance, which protects you against cases like fraud, insurance is often required by law: for your and others’ safety. If not, it provides peace of mind in case of potentially expensive disaster in every part of your life.

The insurance market is healthy, and growing, worldwide. For ambitious professionals who want to make their mark, and who want a career path that will provide them with challenges, a healthy salary and the chance to diversify over the course of their working life, working in insurance is ideal for a variety of reasons.

Here’s why you should consider insurance as your next career step.

It’s a big market

Insurance is one of the biggest sectors in the UK- in fact, it’s the third largest in the world, playing an essential supporting role to the UK’s economic strength and paying in £1.9tn, one quarter of the UK’s total net worth, every year. As a result, it’s also responsible for employing hundreds of people: over 320,000 people within the UK. It’s a large market, with plenty of job opportunities for people who want to make their mark in the marketplace, and take advantage of the money and opportunities on offer.

You can study at the same time

One of the best things about being within insurance is that it’s a continuous learning process. With continual professional reviews, the chance to take on new challenges, and multiple exams that you can sit over the course of your career, there’s never time to stand still- and always a chance to progress, if you’re competitive and want to move on. The role you have at the start of your career can be completely unrelated to the one you have at the end; you just have to study and work hard.

It’s always in demand

The insurance market is most popular than ever. Offering tremendous social value, and the chance to support people in their time of need. It’s also growing, as people turn to insurance in times of political uncertainty like Brexit, and the election of Donald Trump as US President. Similarly, it’s also growing worldwide, especially in Asia, where an emerging middle class and increasingly wealthy states develop their industry, and new markets open up in countries like Brazil. No matter what area you go into, you’ll always be in demand.

It’s dynamic

The market is always changing. Political events like Brexit have created economic uncertainty, which in turn is driving business for copywriters. You have to be fast to keep up with the market: innovators, and people who can look forward and develop new products or services are always much appreciated, and will get you far. Similarly, the rise in technology has created a whole new insurance sector, specialised in dealing with cybersecurity, technology and data protection. For people who want to carve their own space in the industry, insurance is the perfect place to do it.


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