The oil and gas industry is as diverse an industry as you’re ever likely to find. Operating across the world and bringing power to billions of people- in fact, it provides more than three quarters of the UK’s energy- this sector is the perfect place to start your career, whether you’re more interested in a desk job or in a role that allows you to travel, and stretch yourself. If you’re curious, ready to learn and ready for a role that gives you responsibility and excellent job prospects, why not join the oil and gas industry?

Here’s why it’s such an appealing prospect.

It pays well

This career path will pay much for than the average salary you could expect from other industries. The oil and gas industry has some of the highest starting salaries for any area, and this doesn’t let up later on, either: for an oil and gas role, you could expect to be paid more than £50,000. Once you’ve moved up the ranks, it will likely increase to six figures, plus bonuses and bonus schemes. For people who would like some spare change to enjoy life to the full, this could be the career for you.

You can travel

Of course, if you’re in an office job, then chances are you’ll still be staying in one place. However, for skilled engineers, your expertise will likely be required worldwide, which means that you’ll be able to travel for a living, and work flexibly, as to when suits you.

It’s not just engineers that can benefit though: with a range of locations across the world, and almost half a million people employed in the industry, you’ll be able to work wherever takes your fancy, whether that’s America or Australia.

The industry is in demand- and growing

Though the industry has experienced a slump in recent years, it’s still going strong, and it’s still a major source of energy for many countries around the world. It’s also growing, especially with the development of new technologies and new methods of extracting resources like shale gas. There’s a continuously growing demand for jobs in the oil and gas industry: indeed, approximately one million people will be needed to specialise in oil sands alone by 2035. If you’re looking for an industry with longevity, this is it.

You can learn on the job

It’s a complex industry, but one of the benefits to the oil and gas industry is that it does invest in the future of its staff. Many roles are rife with development possibilities that you can take advantage of, and many companies will provide you with training policies designed to help you further your career- and retain you as an employee. Given that there are lots of skills you need to thrive in the field, this extra help will go a long way towards establishing you as a confident professional.

You can be a part of the future

The oil and gas sector is changing. With a rising interest in sustainability has come an increased awareness of its importance; as a result, there’s a huge demand for engineers and workers who can make the oil and gas process more sustainable. Whether this is turning to natural gas for energy- which is becoming more popular daily- or developing ways for devices to run more efficiently on smaller amounts of oil, this industry is looking to the future, and it’s an incredibly interesting time to be a part of.

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