Better Graph - the renowned SEO company, has stunned the worldwide business with its brilliant marketing skills and technique. Through in-depth research in Bing Ads, Better Graph has proved that deploying platform other than Google for Advertising will also work the finest.

Better Graph is leading SEO company, which is known to deliver the gamut of exhilarating services dealing with Online Marketing in versatile horizon and media. Better Graph has been very adaptive in different marketing condition and delivered the outstanding performance. We own a team of experts, who have exposed the unprecedented fact. And, our recent research shows that after Google, Bing Ads can play the major role in connecting business and audience.

Today, Google with about 63% of search market share has been center of attraction among the worldwide audience to market the products/services. Rest around 47% are governed by AOL, Microsoft Sites (like Bing) and Yahoo. Thus, it is cleared that to reach the maximum audience, we need to expand our advertising platform to other search engine sites. At present, Bing rules at about 30 to 32 percents of search market share. And, it is evaluated that the Bing share is increasing gradually. That seems, Bing can be the major platform to roll out advertisement. Besides this, there are lots more benefits that every marketing professional can see, like:

  1. Bing has Lower CPC (Cost-Per-Click):

As compare to Google and other websites, Bing has very low CPC rate. This tends , to save more than 50% of the investment.

  1. Bing Supports Similar Ad Result as Google

The keywords that work optimum on Google behave very similar on the Bing platform. The search volume of keyword on Google is the same on the Bing.

  1. Bing Ensures Superb Ad Flexibility

In Bing, users can use 40 characters in title, which is 15 characters more than Google title (that allows around 25 characters). This enhances the scope of marketing.

  1. Deploying Bing Ad is Cost-Effective

Bing Ads can ensure the better Sales Conversion Rate. Even the lead generation rate is the same as on Google. This means that ROI will also be profitable.

  1. Bing is Making Improvement in Platform

Bing has recently added custom based budget advertising. Here, advertiser can set the budget on daily basis.

By summing all the above points, Bing Ads can ensure achieving profitable growth for business. Bing has been ruling a big chunk of the search market. The strategical investment in the Bing enable people to find products and services on Bing and the search sites featuring Bing’ search.

Although, Google is still a search giant, users can deploy the other platforms in search marketing.

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