Why you need mobile app for e-commerce and retail.

No one can deny the fact that mobile apps have greatly transformed and eased our daily activities. Mobile apps are playing a vital role in almost every industry. Among all the sectors the two most popular sectors that are gaining high revenue are retail and e-commerce industry. Mobile app development companies are developing interactive mobile apps to achieve various business benefits. The number of users who prefer shopping on mobile devices using finger tips options in apps are increasing when compared to people visiting physical shops for buying.

There are many reasons why your retail and e-commerce industry needs a mobile app. In the following blog, let’s see why retail and e-commerce industry needs mobile apps.

Increases customer engagement: Mobile apps are more useful in targeting more customers which is the main aim of industries like retail and e-commerce. It eases people in performing their daily tasks using such apps and avoids them from browsing such things. In order to improve their business it is necessary to drive more customers. Push notifications are mostly used in retail mobile apps that informs users regarding upcoming sale, special offers and new-arrivals. You can easily drive your previous customers to your store just by a single tap. Thus push notification is an effective way to increase customer engagement when compared to social media posts or email campaigns.

Improves conversion rate: Effective UX design, simple navigation and usability leads to better conversion rates. It is one most important factor to be considered when it comes to retail and e-commerce industry. Percentage of users who complete the action using mobile apps are more when compared to the one who use desktop or mobile browsers. A good mobile app provide high conversion rate to business. In case of e-commerce industry, apps having shopping cart will significantly reduce the percentage of people leaving your store.

Customer satisfaction increases: Mobile apps improve customer experience by having all the necessary information available at user’s fingertips. This also improves relationship with customers. Mobile apps with better cx (customer experience) design will help in retaining customers and allows them to interact with the mobile app on a regular basis. A major concern of any user is the loading time taken by an app or a website. Delay in the loading page will result in loosing half of your potential customers. Thus mobile app with effective in-built features and UX design will not only improves customer experience but also maximizes the lifetime value of app users for the business.

Increases brand loyalty: People who make use of your store for shopping and get fully satisfied with their purchase develops a brand loyalty to your store. Mobile apps will help you in rewarding more valuable customers through special coupons and freebies and encourages them in purchasing activity. Rewards for customers can be in the form of points that can be used to receive a product at scalable discount, first access to new collection or discount on future purchases.

Staying competitive: Companies around the globe are employing tech trends to generate higher income. These mobile apps help industries like retail and e-commerce to build their brand. Since there are lot of e-commerce and retail apps that are developed with the similar feature, it is necessary to develop an app such that users are excited by the options that are available. Apps employing technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence algorithms and techniques will help in staying competitive since it provides effective features to the users. Chatbots and virtual assistants will help in achieving better customer satisfaction which results in more and more people using your app for buying products.

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Comment by i-Verve Inc on January 18, 2019 at 3:57am

Read your Article it is really interesting and can help eCommerce stores owners to build their own retail ecommerce mobile app like Amazon Take their business to the mobile platform.


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