With video conferencing, having meetings with people from other locations has become easier, more practical and cheaper.

Imagine a company with offices in different locations, and you often need to hold meetings together between the units. The cost to bring all the teams to the same place periodically will scare any manager. With video conferencing, this became less of a concern.

There are different ways of conducting a video conference. Most important, first of all, is to think about your goal and whether video conferencing solution and the ideal way to reach it.

Videoconferencing is exactly what the two words that make up this name suggest: a video conference. This means that two or more people are connected through cameras and can see each other and talk to each other in real time.

When two cameras are connected, this system is called point to point. If more than three cameras are connected, the system used is multipoint. Often, the multipoint system uses equipment or software called MCU (Multipoint Control Unit). It acts as a network interface to connect the cameras.

Platforms and Equipment for Videoconferencing

To choose the platform and the equipment that you will use, you need to think about the frequency of use and the level of professionalism you want for your video conferencing.

·         Simple Online Videoconferencing

If it is a simple online videoconference, among few people and you do not need a high-quality video, you can choose to broadcast directly from your webcam and use free programs. With  Skype and Hangouts, you can have an online video conference with up to 25 people.

In addition, companies hiring Google's G-Suite service have access to Hangouts Meet. This is a version with more features than the free Hangouts.

·         Professional Videoconferences       

To carry out a videoconference with a high quality of video and audio webinar software, the idea is to look for the services and equipment of companies specialized in the area.

Is Videoconferencing the Right Solution For Me?

Many people confuse video conferencing with other solutions and have a difficult time choosing the option that most suits their needs. As we explained earlier, video conferencing is geared towards people who want to converse simultaneously through video. Here are other examples of solutions:

·         Video Call      

The video call is nothing more than a simple video chat between two people, like a call. It is usually done in a practical way through programs and applications such as Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Viber.

·         Conference Call

The teleconference, also known by the English expression conference call, is a conversation between three or more people through audio only. It is also a widely used solution among companies, since it does not demand much structure and can be done only with the use of the telephone.

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