Why You Shouldn’t Write London Off as your Ideal Corporate Event Location

A lot of us have a love/hate relationship with our own capital city. Some of us aspire to one day live in the big bad city, and others avoid the entire area like the plague.

Even those who live anywhere near central London full-time will have strong words to say either way. Although London may be the Marmite of cities, I love it, and like anything it has its good points and its bad.

When it comes to entertainment however, there are very few places in the world that can provide you with the same cultural and varied entertainment experience that London can. The sheer amount of events and opportunities that take place on a daily basis is rather ridiculous. You couldn’t possibly keep up with it all-but the advantage of the vast selection of events, unique London venues, and restaurants is that there really is something for every type of person.

For this very reason, London could be your ideal location for your next celebration. Whether it be a birthday, an anniversary, engagement do, or even a wedding- London will have everything from traditional spots to more quirky alternatives.

Being the capital, London is a location which would be realistic for all your guests. An easy place to get to via public transportation, trains could be a feasible and relatively stress-free route for everyone to come join the party. Plus, most people know at least one person in London, so that means a place for them to crash.

Guests Can Make the Most of Their Stay
If most of your guests do not actually live in London, then chances are they will be looking for a place to spend the night- and consequently won’t be rushing to get home on the night of your event. In other words, the night is yours. Airbnb could be a simple alternative for a pool of places to stay if you are unable to host all your guests at your place. The great thing about London is that there won’t be a shortage of affordable places to stay, due to the size of the place (people have got to be competitive!).

The Party Doesn’t Have to Stop
To add to this, London is such a nocturnal city that your after-party can be as extravagant as you like. Twenty-four hour breakfasts, clubbing until 6am, and even cafes which never shut. The tube will even be operating 24-hours of the day in the very near future. You’ll have no excuse to call it a night before your party has barely begun.

Affordable Alternatives
Yes, a night out in London can cost a small fortune, but it doesn’t have to. Did you know you can link your railcard to your Oyster Card to save some pennies? Every little helps after all. Alternatively, Uber cabs can be dirt cheap and can take you all the way across London safely.

So what’s stopping you? London is waiting.

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