Why your website might be damaging your small business rather than helping it.

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A website is a great platform for letting people find all they need to know about your business and also serve as a medium through which your clients can transact with you. But how can you accomplish either of those two things if when people land on your business website, their initial emotion is either frustration or suspicion. No one wants to transact on a website they find tiring to navigate and no one in their right mind will enter their bank information or personal details into a website they cannot trust.

To avoid owning a website that does more harm than good to your business, let’s look at probable features your website has that might be raising red flags in the minds of your potential clients.

A website design that inspires little to no confidence

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When a person first lands on a website, the first thing that motivates them to stay on is the aesthetics of the website followed by its content. If a website is shabbily designed and looks poorly put together, visitors will immediately suspect the website is up to no good. Avoid having a crowded homepage with different meaningless icons littering the screen. Also avoid popup ads. Popup adverts can aggravate a visitor who is looking to transact on your website but the popups keep interfering with navigation. For good results, ensure your website looks professional and sleek without clutter. Your website is an extension of your physical office so let it look like one – neat, clean, and inviting. The minimalistic approach to website design is something a lot of businesses are currently going for.

Poor and unprofessional sounding content.

The written content of your website is what will indicate to your visitors if you are capable of delivering on services or products. If the content of your website is loaded with misspellings, typos, inaccuracies, and poor grammar, you can expect prospective clients to immediately doubt your business’ capability to perform. The content of your website should make you sound like an expert in your field and thus motivate visitors to patronise you.

Hardly any details about the people behind the business

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If your website has an empty About Us page or one with irrelevant information, visitors might immediately suspect you have something to hide. This feeling of distrust might be worsened if there’s no office address, pictures, or reviews on the website. People want to know who they are dealing with. In the absence of a trustworthy face, visitors will likely opt for a business whose website puts them more at ease.

Poor SEO ranking

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According to Slingshot Search, “…most people who use search engines never bother looking beyond the first page of a search engine result…” Thus, if your website’s SEO ranking is poor, no one is going to see your website on search engine results or patronise your business. This means you need to hire a professional to improve your website’s SEO.

These four website flaws can come together to make your entire business seem like an unprofessional outfit. To avoid such an outcome, make sure your website represents your business in a positive light and avoid any activities on your website that might reflect poorly on your business.

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