Wireless Future: Will We be Witnessing One Soon?

The rate at which technology is expanding, it isn’t a surprise on how people have started imagining things that only sounded like magic till now. But where’s the line that separates this imagination? What is rational and what is to be deemed as ‘too demanding’ for the contemporary world and its inventions?

Talking of technology, the world today can easily be termed as the ‘gadget world’, given the astonishingly high rates at which gadgets are being developed, manufactured, and ultimately exploited by the end users. Electronic products like iec320 power cords are still very much in demand. So, we have everything up to date, working at lightning speed than where’s the scope for a hope? What about gadgets without cables to provide them power or charge them? Sounds dreamy and convenient at the same time, doesn’t it? Let’s try to understand if that’s possible, and if yes, how and when?

How far are we?

Though it seems to be a too demanding debate, but it’s not something that has just been articulated. Many of the researchers are already working towards realizing this dream future without cables and power cords.

Companies like Samsung, Apple, and Dell have already achieved some success here with Samsung already in the market with wireless charging phones, Dell’s latest wireless laptop, and Apple planning an iPhone with wireless charging and others are to follow soon as well. But as big the task is, the transition won’t be sudden and definitely not easy.

Wires v/s Wireless

The wireless scheme sure sounds to be trendy, but with the development till now, the consumer reviews aren’t very favorable. Samsung had been one of the first players in the market to launch a wireless charging phone but users admit to going back to wires once the wireless charging craze subsides. The reason being the time it takes for wireless charging. Since it’s still in its developing phase, wireless charging (for now using power mats) takes a lot of time as compared to charging with power cords.

Even for other gadgets and electrical appliances, NEMA 5-15 to C13 power cords work better and faster than alternative techniques developed till now.


Let’s still suppose wireless is more convenient but how wireless is it actually? Going wireless means charging your phone and laptop from a power mat that charges gadgets by creating a magnetic field around it. But for it to function, it needs to be plugged into a power source as well. So it’s not like you are actually going wireless. Instead you will now have to carry the power mat in addition to the cables.


As what can be concluded from reviews of the current definition of ‘wireless’ and the ongoing developments, it seems there’s quite some time for the wireless technology to surface and compete with the already available options. The wireless future isn’t immediate and the transition will take its own pace, taking baby steps, one at a time. What do you think? Can you imagine the future without NEMA power cords? Share with us.

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