WooCommerce 3.2- What Is New for Users?

What is a secret sauce of success for WooCommerce? The answer is- Simplicity. Be it installation or customization, simplicity is inherent in WooCommerce. That is not all! Since inception, this WordPress-supported plugin focuses on the user experience. WooCommerce extensions and plugins enable the developers to integrate the desired features with ease. WooCommerce has up with a recent update. Let us know more about it.

WooCommerce released the latest version in October 2017. This update or a micro release is known as WooCommerce 3.2. It is an improved version of 3.1 and focuses on improved coupon and extension management. Enhanced Admin experience is what this update aims for! So, here is what in store for the users in WooCommerce 3.2:

Coupon Improvements

In the previous versions, users faced issues in the coupon and discount management. The recent version 3.2 brings many improvements for both the cart and coupons. It has a new feature to manage all the backward and forward calculations automatically.

In addition to that, it enables you to remove the orders with the coupon codes with the same method. It is certainly the good news for order processing and marketing teams.

Shortcode Improvements

Before the advent of WooCommerce 3.2, managing multiple products shortcode in a website was a herculean task. The latest update enables the users to compress all the shortcode of products. The users can generate a single unified shortcode with ease. It also supports all legacy product shortcodes. In a way, WooCommerce has addressed the shortcode issue.

WooCommerce Extensions Management Features

All major software updates tend to bring compatibility issues. Especially when the user manages several and WooCommerce plugins and extensions, these issues create hurdles. WooCommerce 3.2 has brought a fix for this. The user can get rid of major disruption in any plugin or extension’s functionality. Let us find out how it works.

The Admin Panel runs the version check for all the plugins and extensions. Users get a warning for any outdated WooCommerce Plugins and WooCommerce extensions. They can either request for compatibility test or disable the outdated plugin before update install. Users can also share WooCommerce extensions with the newly launched feature.

The recent update has also introduced CRUD System. CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update, and Delete. It handles the requirements related to direct queries. CRUD is an online knowledge base and training platform for the developers.

Update information

All you need to do is, follow certain standard procedures and take the backups prior to installing the update. You can also refer WooCommerce how to update document. Once everything is set, just press the ‘go’ button!

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