Zeroing on an Offshore PHP Development Firm: Things to Remember

On reading word ‘PHP’, the first thing that pops up in our mind is a language to make a website more appealing. Well, PHP web development is one of the most booming fields and has been effectively used to develop websites for quite a long now.

In this web-dominated world, where companies just can’t survive without websites and mobile applications, everyone is well aware of the significance of bringing their respective businesses online.
Hence, the number of programming languages and platforms to build a website or apps is multiplying. From several available in the market, PHP is one of the widely used platforms across the world; because of its below mentioned long list of advantages.

Open Source & Free

As PHP is open source; it is flexible, can be easily integrated and easily available. So, if you are a PHP development firm, hire a qualified and experienced PHP developer and surety to achieve success can increase up to a great extent.

Cross Platform

It is compatible with all leading operating systems like Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Furthermore, it caters supports for the major web servers like IIS, Apache, to name a few.

Simple & Easy to Learn

Syntax of PHP is much easier as compared to other languages like C and Java. So, it is advisable to seek PHP development services from professionals.


PHP community is widely spread across the world. So, you will never have a difficulty in looking for the resources. There are numerous PHP frameworks which can lend a helping hand during development; be it Zend, Magento or any other framework. The availability of framework will cater clients to get much more themes and functionalities for their websites.

Easy Integration

PHP can be smoothly integrated with the present software components of the company, so the necessity to re-code and re-develop current existing software gets eliminated.

Flexibility & Scalability

During a website or an app development, the functionalities might receive constant changes. Hence, it is really easy to make changes and fix related problems.


Extension plays a key role in PHP development that aid to manage and modify the source code files.

Reliable & Secure

As it easy and simple to develop, it does not lack the confidentiality, making it one of the most secure and perfect platform to rely upon.

User Friendly

Websites and apps developed in PHP are easy to understand and interact.


As PHP is widely known and used, you need not worry if you get stuck somewhere; solution through forums or blogs or social media can definitely solve the queries.

Easy Deployment

A lot of hosting companies will offer you a server for running your website at affordable rates.

Less Time to Market

This is one of the most needful benefits these days. The earlier an app gets released in the market, the greater are the chances of it getting popular and successful, as compared to the competitors. PHP tools offer a wide range of social media sharing extensions that can help to boost the presence of your website or product.

So What’s Next?

Instead of developing a website or building an application on your own, it is wise idea to get it done by professionals so that you can invest more time into other essential things like business development. With increase in the importance of getting PHP development services from professionals, the number of PHP web development companies is increasing. However, you must choose to do some research and then select the best PHP development company.

How to opt for a perfect PHP development company?

The success or failure of your business depends on the website or application that it is developed on. So, it is essential to choose the company wisely and carefully. There are a few questions which will help you know if the company you are opting is good enough or not. So, let us take a look at some of the most important questions to ask before hiring an offshore PHP development company:
  • Since how long company has been into developing PHP websites and PHP applications?
  • How many PHP projects that have they undertaken till now and how many are live in the market at present?
  • Ask them to show you some of their client testimonials to get a clear picture of the type of work they do.
  • Ask them contact details of past clients so that you can interact with them about their experience with a development firm.
  • Does that firm carry out custom PHP development?
  • Does that firm creates or has experience in PHP application development?
  • Can they collaborate your PHP website and PHP application on a single platform?
  • What process and methodology do the PHP developers in that company adapt?
  • Which tools and technologies do the professionals use?
  • Are their developers aware of the latest PHP version? With which version are they comfortable?
  • What kind of frameworks do they use for the rapid development?
  • Ask them if developers of that company have ever built the N-tier applications?
  • Within what timeline can they complete your project?
  • How will developers communicate with you?
  • After how many days or time-intervals will they show the progress of your project?
  • Do they utilize any tool for tracking changes and progress of your project or website?
  • How much will be the charge for developing your project?
  • What will be the mode of payment?
  • Do they provide post PHP development support services? If yes, ask the list of support or AMC service charges?
Now that you are aware of all the questions to ask before hiring an offshore PHP development company, it is sensible that you remember these questions and ask them. In order to make a better decision, repeat the same for at least three to four companies. Evaluate the answers of all the companies and then choose the best one.

It’s never too late to approach!

Interested to know more? Or are you looking for the company that correctly answers all the above-listed questions? Connect to us. Let’s discuss your unique business idea or ongoing project that needs to be enhanced, with our team of skilled and certified PHP professionals.

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