February 2015 Blog Posts (15)

Creating a Strong Brand for Your Companies Products

Lead your market by building a leading brand for your products

You’ve built the product. You’re about to send it to market. But is your branding doing your innovation justice?

If you really want your company to thrive you have to successfully create your brand. This is true whether you’re running an enterprise as large and far-reaching as Coca-Cola, or you’re just getting started with your small business. Your brand has to be unique and leave a collective impact…


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Can Rejection Be Turned into Success?

Rejection is simply the risk of living; to grow successfully you need to step outside your comfort zone and take the occasional risk. Consequently there is always a risk of getting rejected and this is unavoidable. This does not necessarily mean that you are incapable of such tasks, as you could have been rejected for many reasons unrelated to yourself.

Rejection sometimes (if not most times) is the greatest opportunity to examine what you did wrong, learn from your findings and work…


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Online Marketing Success Through Email Marketing Services

When a company is interested in effective and economic ways of advertising their products and services, engaging in email marketing services is the way since it helps bringing more…

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Devising Marketing Strategies with a Mailing List Provider

The ancient Chinese military general Sun Tzu was well known for his…

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ContactDB Updates List, Officially Expands into Services

"For roughly ten years, ContactDB has focused primarily on its core products of quality business lists. Even in today’s online marketing environment, these lists remain a staple source of information for B2B companies in…

Added by Margaret Spencer on February 24, 2015 at 9:51pm — No Comments

How Investing in the Right CMS Could Boost Your Enquiries

Choose the right CMS and develop a website that generates more leads than ever before

Integrating the right content management system (CMS) into your business will help you create an attractive, engaging website that will impress potential new customers.

There are a few things that you need to look for when you are choosing which content management system (CMS) to use for your company’s website. The trick is to look for a CMS that allows you to edit and manage…


Added by Lara Fox on February 24, 2015 at 5:48am — No Comments

Utilizing WebEx Services For Optimum Success

There are so many different benefits to using online meeting software within a company. Whether numerous employees are communicating with one another or the software is being used for businesses to connect with their clients, the options and benefits for this process really are endless. At one time this type of product simply provided a face…


Added by Jirakee jones on February 24, 2015 at 3:32am — No Comments

Uncovering the Hidden Obstacles Tripping Your Job Search

If you’ve been passed over for a job, interviewed and never contacted again, or submitted a resume without getting so much as an automatic reply, join the club. Even skilled, highly-employable and hardworking people hit a career rut now and then.

Is it your fault that you’re not getting a job offer?

The Game Being Played Around You

Before, recruiters go through resumes to look for applicants who fit their checklist.

Now, due to the onslaught of applicants,…


Added by Michelle Riklan on February 23, 2015 at 6:30am — No Comments

When You Actually Need a Debt Consolidation Plan in Toronto?

Everyone tries to get a loan with an intention to pay it as soon as possible. Most of the people often are able to pay their loan as initially decided. However, some people may need debt consolidation plan in Toronto in order to pay their debts in an easier manner. Although getting a debt consolidation plan in Toronto should be your last option to go for yet there are sometimes when it is inevitable for you to get it to pay for loans due to different reasons.…


Added by Bryan Guertin on February 23, 2015 at 5:16am — No Comments

How to Decide Whether You Want Debt Consolidation Plan or Not?

For many of us, simply the idea of getting mortgage loan for anything is pretty frustrating. I know it was a hard time for you when you decided to get a home or any other kind of mortgage in life. There is another angle to observe the cycle of loan during the period when you’re submitting monthly payments to pay your loan. Many of us face financial difficulties sometime in our life and if that period is the period when we are paying our loan back to our lender, it’s the worst period. Isn’t…


Added by Bryan Guertin on February 20, 2015 at 2:14am — No Comments

Unhappy Customers Could Be Costing Your Business Money

Today's data-driven world has seen the 'average customer' crowned as king and reigned with power over it's merely acquired businesses. With all nobility and greatness, your majesty can strike social media with a terrible review, creating a tsunami of budding customers dropping far and wide across the land.

In a world driven by data, it can become far too easy to mistake customers as data points rather than people. Yet the customer experience is a valuable factor can be the reasoning…


Added by alldayPA on February 18, 2015 at 6:30am — No Comments

Getting a Grip on Your IT Disaster Recovery Plan

One of the most important things for any business is proprietary information. You have got to keep your company secrets, your payroll, your accounts, your clients information and your employees information all in one central and safe place. You may think that this information isn't centralized as different departments handle different aspects but it all goes back to your computer system and it's different networks. By that rationale it doesn't make sense for you not…


Added by Jirakee jones on February 9, 2015 at 5:31am — No Comments

A Low-Down Of The Major Google Algorithm Updates Of 2014

2014 was a busy year for the techies at Google, we saw quite a few algorithm changes and updates. Here, we offer a brief intro of each one. 

Being the most popular search engine on the internet, Google wields a lot of power over businesses and how they are found on the web. Google regularly changes and updates the algorithms it uses to choose which websites to display in its search listings, with a view to making it quick and easy for people to find the information that they…


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Employee Blues: Why Your Business Should Declutter Management

There is no denying that January is an undesirable, bleak month. January comes round far too quickly after the Christmas holidays. A month of new beginnings, we promise ourselves to start new diets, plan holiday breaks, and make plans for obtaining a better life. While meanwhile we squeeze into tight clothes, continue to pay off bills, with no sign of a holiday on the horizon.

Unfortunately business doesn't stop and money needs to be made. But getting into the swings of things is…


Added by alldayPA on February 3, 2015 at 6:30am — No Comments

Is VoIP A Good Fit for my Business?

Cloud VoIP developers such as Skype and Vonage are becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses. But would these systems work for your company?

All businesses are aware of the importance of communicating through the internet. We spend so much time online and are used to being able to contact anyone, anywhere at the click of a button, so it makes sense that telephone communication is moving in this direction.

Cloud-based telecommunications services are making it…


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