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Office Antics: 20 Ideas for International Talk Like a Pirate Day

International Talk Like a Pirate Day swept across the world in 2002. John Baur and Mark Summers, also known as Ol’ Chumbucket and Cap’n Slappy, wrote to syndicated columnist Dave Barry about starting the holiday. Once Barry wrote the column piece, it became an instant hit. Now, every year on September 19th, millions of people dedicate an entire day to swash buckling décor and pirate lingo. Here are 20+ ways your…


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6 Exciting New Companies and Kickstarter Projects Addressing Water Conservation

When it comes to water conservation, there are all sorts of different approaches one could take. Most of us start by looking for ways we can conserve water at home and making simple changes that really add up with repetition. Others go a step further by looking for charitable organizations to support, volunteer efforts to join and businesses to support that make water conservation a priority.

However, it’s important to realize that water conservation isn’t just something established…


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Best Web Platforms for Managing Your Subscription Business

Subscription-based businesses are often seen as a viable alternative to traditional e-commerce websites. Instead of focusing on selling individual items and shipping them to customers, subscription-based e-commerce websites offer a flat monthly fee for a particular service…


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Tips for Branding and Packaging for Online Merchants

There is no denying it: branding and packaging are an integral part of every business. It doesn’t matter if you have the best product or service in the world—if your branding or packaging is lacking, then your potential for success is lacking, too.

Companies who value and invest in their branding are sending out a message about who they are as a company, what they stand for and what kind of value you can expect from them. There is no substitute for quality branding and packaging,…


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Remarkable Retail: 17 Creative Point of Purchase Displays

With a plethora of options, it’s no surprise that in retail, to make a splash and be remembered, you need to be creative.

The most innovative point of purchase displays interact with space, the product and the customer in unexpected and unique ways, from simple cardboard folded into clever origami, to colors that give a brand personality.  

Feast your eyes on these fantastic point of purchase displays you must see to…


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Why Eco-Friendly Packaging is Important to Consumers

Saving the planet is everyone’s responsibility. Climate change is a reality, and disposable packaging is becoming ever more present in our society. Everything comes in packaging: food, clothes, toys, and furniture. What we need to do is make sure our packaging is eco-friendly. 

What is Eco-friendly Packaging?…


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6 Great Ways to Improve Morale at the Office

Do you ever get the impression that your team members see work as a chore? Does it seem like people have to drag themselves into work every day and are counting the minutes until they get to leave at night?

Do you wish the vibe at your workplace was a little less low energy and a lot more positive, in general? You might be dealing with a chronic morale issue. 

Low morale isn’t a problem you should shrug off, either. It can actually lead to a…


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Beyond Etsy - Comparing the Marketplace Options for Makers

Etsy has been around since 2005. In its early years, Etsy promoted itself as a unique marketplace for handmade goods. Over the years, it has grown to become one of the most popular…


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How to Integrate your Marketing with your Packaging

In an increasingly globalized world, the standards that marketers are held to are higher than ever. This is more relevant for physical goods, where the advances of marketing have set the bar so high that sub-standard packaging that does not resonate with the consumer is either ignored by consumers or can make people avoid making the purchase. For companies today, there is a significant push to get packaging in tune with the rest of the marketing message and be an asset, not a liability, for…


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Shipping Drums - Decoding Packing and Shipping Food Regulations

Shipping drums may not be the most common method of packaging items for overseas shipping,  however, they are still very useful and versatile in certain shipping situations and for some particular types of cargo. These drums are typically filled to the brim, making them an excellent choice for shipping heavier types of cargo.

 Often, these barrels are used for food, items of clothing and dry goods. Today, it’s not uncommon to find barrels…


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15 Proven Business Ideas for Stay-At-Home Parents

With the economy taking a downturn, many couples find they need two incomes to run their household and maintain their lifestyle. But for some parents, returning to work is often not an option, whether for personal or financial reasons. Fortunately, many businesses can be operated from home and can bring in some extra cash. Here are some proven business ideas for…


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12 Best Restaurant Employee Training Websites



Knowledgeable and well-trained employees are vital to the success of any restaurant. When the employees are trained correctly, it helps to ensure food gets to the table on time, and it directly impacts customer satisfaction.

In the technologically-driven world of today, online training is becoming an increasingly popular method for staff training. We’ve researched 12 of…


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Tips and Tricks for Starting Your Own Wedding Jewelry Business

Wedding Rings, Wedding, Marry, Love, Gold, Before

Selling jewelry can be extremely profitable. The wedding jewelry niche is a growing concept, but it is also extremely competitive.

Many large retail chains aggressively market wedding jewelry. During the prime wedding seasons, spring and summer, stores flood print, TV, radio and social media with marriage advertisements,…


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What I Learned from Sponsoring 27 Events

Yes, I must confess, I am a sponsorship junkie! Why? Well, maybe it’s just because it makes me feel good and gives me a sense of being a decent human being, one that cares about the community – maybe even the…


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Simple Tricks to Make Your Small Office More Productive

If you have ever tried to work in an office that was disorganized and dull, you are well aware of the effects that your environment can have on your…


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Simple Tips for Local Businesses to Recycle

As a local business, one of the unpleasant yet administrative tasks you will have to deal with is recycling. Whether you are disposing of a chemical or something as simple as the trash in the garbage bin of an office cubicle, you are disposing of waste every single day. Waste is produced, and it…


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Characteristics of an Excellent Landing Page

Characteristics of an Excellent Landing Page

When you spend time and money on a quality web page, you expect it to drive business for you and increase your pages visits, as well as sales. The worst is if you have plenty of action on your page but no conversion. Any good website design company worth their salt knows that their job isn’t done until clicks turn into purchases for their clients. 
So, what makes…

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Green Business Trends for Uniforms

The world is moving toward sustainable options for food, energy, and transportation. No longer are we concerned with the fastest and/or easiest way to get from A to B; rather, we are now taking into account the impact our efforts will have on Earth. What was once standard is now frowned upon in many instances. Our focus is on reversing the damage we have caused and mitigating any future disruptions to our climate.…


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