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Think outside the box — 4 niche businesses making their mark

When you want to make a splash in the world of business, filling a gap in the market with special products and services provides you with a ready-made Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Businesses using this model can cover the entire service spectrum — with offerings that range from quirky and creative to highly technical.

So if you’re struggling to think outside the box for your enterprise, here are four niche businesses making their…


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Dress to impress: the psychology of style in business

You’ve sauntered into your office in a tracksuit looking like Tony Montana’s long-lost brother. It’s not a good look. People have avoided staring at the dark burgundy of your sports jacket, and no one’s mentioned the 15 sovereign rings you’ve somehow managed to fit on your pudgy fingers.

But in the back of their heads, they’re thinking, “What is he wearing?”

This could apply to…


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SME design: how to make your office look spectacular

Your small business idea is hotter than a coal fire, it’s got investors on tenterhooks and its lighting up the internet like a comet flaring through the night sky.

But you’re suffering one problem – as soon as investors visit your business premises, they become damp squibs to your concept.

Why? Because your workplace looks about as appealing as a fetid Greek salad.

First impressions count – which is why your office has to look spectacular if you want to keep prospective…


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How your business can find the ideal work premises

The average SME isn’t exactly rolling in cash. Instead, they’re trying to cut corners while still maintaining at least a semblance of amazing customer service.

But if you’re a business owner who’s struggling to make ends meet, there’s one element of your company you can’t compromise – your working premises.

Just like a great product, your working space will leave a lasting impression on customers. And it’s up to you if that impression is good or bad.

Luckily for you,…


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4 ways to make your mark in testing, compliance and auditing

Running any business is challenging — so owners and bosses naturally seek solutions that offer peace of mind.

That’s doubly true when it comes to testing and compliance — precisely assessing the quality of raw materials, products, service and staff practice is essential to remain profitable, productive and above board.

If you’ve got some expertise you might carve a lucrative slice of this sector — here are four ways to make your mark in testing, compliance and…


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4 hacks for making a living online

Making enough cash online to support yourself sounds heavenly for many hard-pushed office workers.

Ditching a stressful commute, setting your own hours, working in your underwear and listening to whatever music takes your fancy are but a few brilliant benefits.

But with so many digital vocations to choose from, which one’s best for you?

Here are four hacks for making a living online.


If you can work out a novel way of selling a…


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3 digital hacks for SMEs

The web can help small businesses reach customers and markets they’d never have dreamed of 20 years ago.

But the digital world moves so swiftly that simply having a website’s not nearly enough.

If you want to make the most of digital resources to boost your business you’ll need to take a strategic approach that requires regular tweaks.

With that in mind, here are three digital hacks for SMEs.


Digital marketing is…


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4 ways small businesses can smash customer experience

Running a small business can allow you to offer customers a brilliant bespoke service that’s difficult to match when you scale up to national level.

But getting customer service right only covers one aspect of customer experience — to go the whole hog you’ll have to think about every interaction your company has with consumers.

So if you’re ready to stand out from the crowd, here are four ways small businesses can smash customer experience.



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3 ways HR is evolving to remain relevant

HR departments perform important functions for any corporate body.

They’ve always dealt with time-consuming tasks involving payroll and taxation — first with reams of paperwork and later using digital devices.

In some organisations their remit expanded to monitoring staff welfare and mediating in low-level disputes between management and workers.

But technological advances and evolving business cultures mean that large HR departments stuffed with human staff are fast…


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3 alternative reasons you might bank offshore

It’s fair to say that this isn’t a golden era for the reputation of the offshore financial industry.

There’s an international and EU crackdown on tax avoidance and the Paradise Papers leaks have led to further scrutiny of influential public figures using offshore instruments to tweak their tax arrangements.

But there are legitimate reasons to use offshore…


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3 ways to prepare your workforce for the knowledge economy

Since the start of civilised society, economic growth has been dependent on the organisation of the means of production and distribution.

image source:…


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