4 Android App Development Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Today Android has become the most used mobile platform all around the globe. Statistics say that over 85% people around the world are using this platform in some form or the other. The main reason for its popularity could be its customization features and also the fact that it is available on various platforms such as TV, tablets, phones, cars etc. While Google Play Store already has 2 million apps, the increasing demand of android makes it very clear that there is a huge potential market waiting for aspiring apps developers. But due to the fierce competition, developing apps for android has become quite challenging. You have to keep in mind the creative aspect, the time factor, as well as, the usefulness of the app.  Here are top 4 blunders that you absolutely should avoid.

1) Poor research

It is vital that you know your market for which you are targeting your app. It has been seen before that many people have started their app development, but soon realized that there were already similar products available in the market. So, avoiding research would be a huge blunder on your part. If you want to stand out from the rest of your competitors then you should develop something that is unique in some way, and also very useful.

2) Not thinking about a proper marketing plan

Before you startdeveloping the app, you should plan some basic marketing tactics which you are going to apply to promote your app.  If you don’t have any ideas, then this is the time you need to start thinking about a proper marketing plan. After all, your marketing strategy would help your product to grab the attention of the targeted group. You could use social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. to your advantage. Many developers use various technical blogs for their marketing campaign.

3) Ignoring the battery aspect

You have to keep in mind that to provide a pleasant experience to your users, it is essential that your user’s device will not run out of power because of your app. Only then you would be able to retain their loyalty. Many app development companies in Mumbai suggest that you should also check if your app is draining power even when it is not being used.

4) Rewriting the ‘already existing code’

Some time app developers could not resist the temptation of writing their own code, which could be a waste of time as well as your energy. For the last few years, the Android OS has developed and improved so much that there are a plethora of codes already available on this platform that can be used to complete the task. Instead of rewriting a code which could open a portal of new bugs/errors, you should focus your creative energy on giving your users a beautiful experience.


Developing a successful mobile app is not a small victory. Though, you should also keep in mind that your consumers have unquenchable thirst for something new; therefore, they will be tempted to use other apps instead of yours. That’s why after launching your app, you should improve and update your app by fixing possible bugs as well as providing new features.

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