Reasons Why Your Mobile App Should Include Deep Linking

Deep linking in mobile app development refers to linking, deep within app to specific URL’s or pages within mobile app.  It can be achieved through various ways such as notification, SMS, social media, and email which directs the user to a specific content instead of directing the user to app’s home screen.

There are different types of mobile app deep linking such as

  • Standard Deep Linking:    

It directs the user to the specific page using the app URL. The only drawback is it only works if the user has your mobile app installed on device.   

  • Deferred Deep Linking

 If the app is installed on the device, it can be used to direct the user to the specific page within app else the user is directed to store listing where the user can choose to download and install the app.

  • Contextual Deep Linking            

It serves the functions of both deep linking methods mentioned above. In addition, it helps the mobile app development company in better tracking and understanding relevancy regarding users.  These links pass data to app that helps in better onboarding.       

Now that you know the different types of deep linking, here are a few reasons why your mobile app should include deep linking.

  1. 1.     Improve User Experience

 Deep linking makes app navigation easier, so the user can be directed to any page within app directly; no need to tap on the menu and links within app to reach a specific page. It allows the mobile app developers to directly link screens to mobile website or social media and user are able to navigate to the desired content seamlessly.     

  1. 2.     Improve User Engagement, Retention and Usage      

Studies have shown, apps with deep linking have double the retention rate, double the activation rate and there is also an increase in the usage. It is also seen users visited app with deep linking more frequently in comparison to apps that do not have deep linking.

  1. 3.     Personalize User Onboarding         

Deep linking can help in personalizing the onboarding experience. Using contextual deep links, you can offer personalized app invites and present offers and incentives in the personalized onboarding flow.             

  1. 4.     Re-Engage Users     

You can use deep linking to re-engage users who have not used your app for a long period of time. Instead of directing the user to the home screen of the app, you can use deep linking to specific content or page to encourage use. For example, you can send push notifications that have links to exclusive deal or offer that excites user.     

  1. 5.     Strengthen Marketing   

Deep linking can strengthen your marketing campaigns and it can be effectively used to generate leads, or drive sales depending on your monetization strategy.  For example, a retailer can offer 20% discount to users who buys through the links sent to him/her and user can directly buy from the app screen where the user is directed.     

  1. 6.     Gain Insight of Campaign Effectiveness    

Besides strengthening marketing campaign, it will also help you gauge its effectiveness.  For example, links can pass data that will help mobile app development company see which sources (deep link ads, SMS, email, social media, or referrals) and campaigns are more effective in driving users to download your application.       

  1. 7.     Enhance App Discoverability     

Do you know Google indexes deep links?    When Google indexes your deep links, your content in the app is shown just like a website in regular keyword searches.  This increases your app being discovered in regular search by the smartphone users and you don’t have to rely on app discoverability in app stores alone.

  1. 8.     Link Your Apps   

Linking apps has its own benefits, especially in game apps. If you have a sequel of your game, you can use the deep linking to direct the user to installing the game sequel. Users who have finished the game can be directed to the next game sequel app.

Wrapping Up

Mobile deep linking is a great way to increase the number of app downloads and also to increase revenue. According to mobile app developers there is no reason why you should avoid deep linking when it provides host of benefits. 

Author Bio

Ajit Jain is marketing and sales head at Octal Info Solution, a leading iphone app development company, offering platform to hire android app developer for your own app development project. Connect with him on Google Plus, Twitter , Facebook , Linkedin and go through his ideas on distinct topics.

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