Tech Upgrades That Need to Follow Your Startup's Growth

Breathing life into a startup is nothing short of a small miracle. When it does start to take off, however, the difficulty curve just gets steeper and steeper: the demands and user accounts skyrocket along with the onboard staff. To tackle these issues along with trivial matters like security, opting for various tech upgrades to support your startup is becoming ever so necessary and, for many, the norm. Among the following upgrades are various tools and utilities that both protect the company and help it spread its roots even further.

Cybersecurity Measures

Without a single doubt, investing in security should be every startup’s main concern. With the coming of the information age, the ever-growing threat of cyber-attacks has increased by an alarming rate. Statistics show that a staggering 60% of small companies go out of business within half a year of a cyber-attack. Granted, a statistic is not the same as a fact, but when something you’ve put your heart and soul into is on the line, why risk it? Seeking advice and employing a cyber security professional to encrypt your data will ensure that your data stays safe and secure.


Taking care of clients is the brunt of a company’s workload, however, you put it, without them – all is for naught. As the company expands, the clientele is bound to rise and, with it, the time needed to manage each and every user’s needs. This is where something usually found at the bottom of the priority list comes in – CRMs or Customer Relationship Management solutions. These nifty utilities come with amazing benefits, they help identify potential clients while streamlining the organization and management of customer information.

Mobile Site Optimization

With the prominence of smartphones, tablets and the like, the market has started shifting to a mobile and is an investment with potentially unmeasurable significance. With technologies like AMP becoming a growing presence among mobile sites and search engines preferring sites with a prominent mobile landing page, investing in mobile is becoming mandatory. This can be a tedious task, demanding constant monitoring and upkeep, which is why folks like Picnet IT support services Sydney can come in handy. Web software development companies like this specialize in helping the nonprofit sector flourish while doing most of the heavy lifting.

Payroll and Tax Streamlining

As the company grows and spreads its proverbial roots to the four winds, the employee roster will understandably grow with it. Managing taxes and employee payrolls is difficult enough with a couple of workers, let alone a few dozen or even a hundred or two. Thankfully, software options like Gusto and Paycheck Flex automate the payroll and other related human resources tasks, leaving your hands free to tackle real issues and make the right decisions. Although the contribution might feel lacking, having everything at the press of a button makes both the employer’s and the employees’ life easier.

Cloud storage

Cloud storage, although surrounded by various myths, is a godsend for startups and the like. By removing the need for clunky data centers, hardware arrays and the like, the budget needed for storage goes down sizably. By basing a company’s data on cloud storage, it makes it incredibly flexible, enabling anyone to work from basically anywhere with an internet connection. Another major benefit of cloud storage is the contingencies: backup services for user data can cost as little as $5 as opposed to installing entire server banks and continuously funneling money into hardware maintenance.

The Gist

The core idea is simple – technology is your friend. Startups are daring business ventures into the unknown, presenting the world with a dream of a unique service. It is this dream that technology can protect, deepen and streamline. By streamlining and expanding into the mobile realm while encrypting sensitive data, today’s startups have advantages that, just a few years back, would’ve been considered impossible. Every journey has its perils, thankfully, it is today’s tech allows us to place safety nets as we tread forward, turning even the most staggering of blows into mere dents. 

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Comment by Carey Searcy on September 27, 2017 at 9:16am

I like that post. I've read a lot of topics touching this subject and this one is the most filled with info 


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